Final Fantasy 14 Introduces Companion App For Upcoming Patch 4.3

Final Fantasy 14 Introduces Companion App For Upcoming Patch 4.3

Patch 4.3 offers more story content, more raids, and a brand-new app.

Over the weekend, the team at Square Enix behind Final Fantasy XIV offered up its Letter from the Producer Live Part XLIII stream. This version of the event was all about the content coming to the game in the upcoming Patch 4.3. The patch itself will carry the moniker Under the Moonlight, with a return to Doma and that region's politics as a focus. It's planned for a late May 2018 release.

The key art for the new Patch.

The most interesting new addition for this patch will be the all-new Final Fantasy XIV Companion App for Android and iOS. Once downloaded, players can sign into the app, choose their primary character, and then interact with FFXIV from their mobile phones. The level of interaction is dependent on your plan type, as Square Enix is offering a secondary subscription for the app with additional features.

If you're not subscribing to the app, the free plan allows you to check your friends list, talk with your friends and free company members, and schedule upcoming in-game events. Players under the free plan can also manage their inventory, check the market board, and buy and sell items. Finally, you have the option to set up another favored Aetheryte destination.

If you decide that you want to subscribe to the app, the Premium Plan will cost 500 yen (North American price isn't set yet, but will likely be $4.99). Under the Premium Plan, players have the ability to manage saddlebag and retainer inventories. In addition, saddlebag capacity is doubled and players can hire an additional retainer, bringing their total up to 10.

A tease of the companion app.

If you're a frequent user of the market board or heavily into crafting, the Premium Plan is an enticing offer. Not only do you get a ton more space to work with, you can manage all of your current inventory and post items to the Market Board straight from your phone. Keeping track of your auctions at work is where it's at.

World of Warcraft has long had the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, which offers some of the same features as the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App. Players use it frequently for the Remote Auction House, letting them manage auctions while on-the-go. Blizzard also introduced a separate companion app for the Legion expansion, letting players manage characters and world quests. It's great to see Square Enix bringing the option to players of Final Fantasy XIV.

There is a slight drawback however. As an incentive to use the app, Square Enix will be offering Kupo Nuts as a new daily login bonus, with Premium Plan subscribers getting an additional nut. Kupo Nuts will be used to pay moogles for buying items on the market. Players can also pay for Moogle Coins, which allow players to moogles to buy items or place them on the market board. It's essentially a mobile stamina system, like some of Square Enix' other mobile titles. Useful, but a bit annoying.

Heaven-on-High is a new version of the Deep Dungeon.

Outside of the companion app though, there's still more to Patch 4.3. The main scenario will be continued with further quests, as will the Four Lords and Hildibrand scenarios. Stormblood will get a new series of Beast Tribe quests featuring the Namazu, with a focus on crafting and gathering jobs.

If you're a warrior at heart, there's a ton of new combat-related content. The Swallow's Compass is a new Level 70 instanced dungeon, and the Return to Ivalice raid is back with The Ridorana Lighthouse. Square Enix is promising a new Trial unrelated to the Four Lords, with a corresponding Extreme version. Finally, the Deep Dungeon is getting... deeper? Heaven-on-High is a high-end version of the Deep Dungeon, requiring a Level 60 character to enter. You can tackle it solo or up to a party of 4; there are 100 floors available and floors 31 and up are tuned for parties.

There's some content that is coming in Patch 4.35 as well, including an expansion of The Forbidden Land Eureka. The Pagos Expedition will offer new content to the mode as promised. Square Enix also outlined a new Ultimate-level encounter called The Minstrel's Ballad: The Weapon's Refrain.

Finally, Patch 4.3 will include tweaks and adjustments to Dark Knight, Samurai, and Astrologian jobs, a new HUD for The Feast, the ability to reclaim items converted into glamours, and more Performance animations. Square Enix is also finally adding cross-world linkshells, keeping you connected with friends on other servers.

All in all, it's a hefty update to Final Fantasy XIV and we look forward to diving into it in May.

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