Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest Keynote Shows Off New Race Inspired By Final Fantasy 10's Ronso

The Hrothgar bring cat men to Final Fantasy 14.

Tonight marked the primary keynote address of the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Final Fantasy 14 director and executive producer Naoki Yoshida addressed the audience to reveal more information about the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion. To kick off the event, Square Enix showed off the full trailer for Shadowbringers, showing off the final job of the expansion: Dancer.

Dancer joins the Blue Mage, which was added mid-patch, and the previously-announced Gunbreaker. The latter is a tank role that utilizes the Gunblade, a weapon inspired by Final Fantasy 8, to protect friends and harm foes. The Dancer is a ranged DPS role, not melee despite the chakram they use as weapons in the concept art. They're thrown weapons, with the chakram only being one of the wielded weapon skins: shurikens and other thrown items are planned. The Dancer of course performs dances, which can enhance yourself and party member. Anyone who picks up Shadowbringers can switch to Dancer at level 60. The Dancer job quest will start in Limsa Lominsa.

Shadowbringers will take players to the First. What's the First? Long-ago Hydaelyn, the Mothercrystal, had a battle with Zodiark, her opposite. In the battle, Hydaelyn separated Zodiark's power, creating thirteen worlds. Our world is the Source, and we're heading to another dimension, The First. The player is heading to the First in order to restore Darkness to that realm, which seems like a bad idea, but everyone needs balance, right? There is no night or weather in the First, and part of your journey is to bring that back to the populace. The real reason for heading to the First will come on March 26 with the next patch: A Requiem for Heroes, Part 2.

Norvrandt is the biggest city standing within The First, and the first region player will be going to. The city is built around that dimension's version of the Crystal Tower. Surrounding Norvrandt is the forest of Lakeland, which is full of castles and settlements decked out in purple foliage. The people of Lakeland believe in the legend of the Warrior of Darkness, a mythical figure that will save them from the Light. The regions in the First are reflections of the Source, but these are not parallel realities, they simply evolved differently from the same starting point. Lakeland looks to be an alternate version of Mor Dhona.

The second city on the First will be Eulmore, a city full of fat cats and revelers that know the end is coming for their world and they're living it up. But below the more affluent region above Eulmore, there are the slums, full of those hoping to get into the city. Eulmore looks to be an alternate version of Limsa Lominsa, one that's not in the middle of an ocean.

Yoshida also showed off some brief shots of new dungeons. One of them looked rather traditional, but the others were far more unique. One was actually a burning outdoor town, while the other looked to be a more whimsical fairy land. This is probably related to the new Beast Tribe, the Pixies.

The Pixies aren't the only Beast Tribe in the First though. There's also the Dwarves. Yoshida teased fans, showing that the Dwarves are actually the First's version of the Lalafell. And the Dwarf camps can only be entered by Dwarves and Lalafells. Unless you take some Fantasia, which temporarily makes you a Dwarf.

New enemies include the Sin Eaters, tainted by the Light in the First; these are the opposite end of the enemies found in the Void Ark, who were from the Thirteenth. There's also Innocence, a large deific figure who will apparently play a major role in Patch 5.0's story.

The new Raid series is Eden, with bosses and characters designed by Final Fantasy character designer and Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura! As I noted before, the First has no elements, and players have to bring the elements back to the world; completing the raid will achieve that objective. Yoshida showed off one character by Nomura, a woman called Gaia. Interestingly enough, Gaia uses a hammer, a weapon that's not currently available in Final Fantasy 14. Nomura designed the character before he realized the weapon didn't exist, but the team is just rolling with it.

At the last Fan Fest, Square Enix showed off the Viera, but only the female models. At today's event, Yoshida revealed that there will only be female Viera. For male characters, there's actually another whole race, the Hrothgar. Avid Final Fantasy players will notice the Hrothgar look rather similar to the Ronso from Final Fantasy 10. That's on purpose, and the Hrothgar are actually known as the Ronso on the First! You can also make Final Fantasy 10's Kimahri with the character creation options.

Yoshida also covered systems the team talked about in the last Fan Fest. This included New Game+ and the Trust system, which allows NPCs to join your party and help a solo player through dungeons. Thancred, Y'shtola, Minfilia, and Urianger were shown before as optional members, but Yoshida teased more allies that might join your cause.

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on July 2, 2019.

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