Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.2 Offers the New Glamour System We All Wanted

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.2 Offers the New Glamour System We All Wanted

Today's Letter From the Producer gives us a glimpse of the next Final Fantasy XIV patch.

Earlier this morning, Square Enix and the team behind Final Fantasy XIV offered up the latest "Letter from the Producer" where director and producer Naoki Yoshida outlined the future of the game. Today marked a look at Patch 4.2, entitled "Rise of a New Sun," which is scheduled for a January launch.

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Patch 4.2 will see the normal patch additions in the form of story quests, new dungeon and raid content, new difficulty modes, and other tweaks. The main story content of the patch will see the heroes returning to Doma, following their liberation of the region. The Omega raid will get a new tier called Omega Sigmascape, with Normal and Savage modes available. A new level 70 dungeon called Hell's Lid will be added, alongside a Hard mode for The Fractal Continuum. There will also be a new Trial, the Jade Stoa, as a part of the ongoing Four Lords series.

In terms of general tweaks and fixes, there will be an major inventory update. Item stack sizes will increase from 99 to 999 for consumables and crafting items. There will also be a new items, Chocobo Saddlebags, which will give players 70 additional item slots. Housing, which has been a problem, will be getting new plots a week after Patch 4.2 goes live.

The big news is the oddly named Glamour Commode. (Yes, this tracks back to the original use of commode as a cabinet or wardrobe, but still!) Currently, the Glamour system requires you to make specific glamour prisms to change the look of your armor each time. You also have to have to have the item, meaning players who really like the system are taking up a ton of bank space. I've long wanted something similar to World of Warcraft's Appearances tab, where visual looks are unlocked when you gain an item and you can switch looks freely.

We're not quite there, but the new system is better! Within an inn room, where players normally store their glamour gear in the armoire, there will be the new glamour commode. Here, you'll convert up to 200 pieces of gear into glamour items. Once that's done, you can create up to 10 glamour ensembles, allowing you to switch looks via macros, just like gear sets. Not only does it save more space, but players have a way to change their look on the fly. Glamour prisms will still be needed to convert gear into glamour items, but Square Enix is consolidating everything into a single prism. I still want the full system WoW has, but this is a great change for the game.

There's also the new Duty Recorder, allowing you to record your instance gameplay. These aren't videos as much as recording of the movements made by everyone within an instance. As such, you can jump between different perspectives, including other players, enemies, and pets. You can save up to three duty records at a time and when you begin recording a duty, everyone involved has to consent to it via a prompt. Once you've made a record, you can watch it with full camera control, allowing you to pause, rewind, and fast forward. It's a good tool letting players see what went wrong or right in an instance fight.

In other announcements, the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival will be returning next year and stretch into 2019. The North American event will take place in Las Vegas again, starting November 15, 2018 for early registration folks and ending on the November 17. The European event will take place in Paris, France in early 2019 and the Japanese event will happen in Tokyo starting March 23, 2019.

The next Letter from the Producer will take place on January 19, 2018 and cover the second part of Patch 4.2's additions. There will be another Letter from the Producer after that on February 10, 2018.

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