Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.0 Notes and Job Guide Shows Just How Far Job Changes Are Going

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.0 Notes and Job Guide Shows Just How Far Job Changes Are Going

Square Enix releases the full patch notes for the upcoming expansion.

Following a preliminary release, Square Enix has released the full patch notes for Final Fantasy 14's Patch 5.0. That's the Shadowbringers expansion, which begins its early access period tomorrow. An entirely new expansion worth of content is now available in text form for players to pore over.

A lot of the stuff was previously detailed, like the new hub cities of the Crystarium and Eulmore, or the new regions of the First. Viera and Hrothgar join the list of character races, meaning a lot of players are about to use a Fantasia for a race change. Gunbreaker and Dancer join the crew as the new expansion jobs. The main scenario continues for those that are caught up to the events of patch 4.58. Job quests have given way to role quests (Tank, DPS, Healer) as previously explained, but there will be new job quests at level 80!

Today is maintenance for the expansion patch, so players are spending their time looking at the changes to jobs. These were previously explained during the Fan Festival events and media tour, but now we have full details about what's changing. There's some general pruning of abilities to streamline the player's experience, but a few things are sticking out. Many of these changes are also in the official Job Guide, which was updated this morning.

Scholar and Summoner players are angry at a loss of class identity, given that pets have vastly changed. Pets are now fully integrated into their rotation and not controllable directly; this makes them closer to spells with more interesting visual components. Scholars are also a bit miffed because they've lost a number of interesting DPS abilities. On the healing side, Astrologians have the reworked card system, but there are complaints about the lack of potency in their spells. Most of the ire seems to be toward Celestial Opposition, which is too weak with a fairly long cooldown.

Every tank lost their DPS and tanking stances in the expansion, but some jobs came out worse in the shuffle. Some Dark Knight players are unhappy with the changes to interesting mechanics like Darkside, pulling them closer to the more traditional tanks. I've seen players on Reddit saying that the job now feels like a Warrior with less potent tools. Machinist is a complete and total teardown, with a Job Guide page that's nothing but revisions; those players will be learning an entirely new job.

There are two fairly big updates unrelated to job changes. The first is the addition of two grades of Materia. Players assumed that new Materia was coming, but two grades is a bit surprising. Shadowbringers will allow players to pick up Grade 7 and 8 Materia. Like the current Stormblood expansion, Grade 8 Materia will always fail in advanced melding, like Grade 6 Materia before it.

The second one is more technical in nature. Players used to have the option to have an unlimited frame rate under the Display Settings. Now, there's a maximum of 90FPS, meaning players with 120/144hz monitors could run into some trouble. The problem is that some players were using very high frame rates for glitches, making this likely a band-aid fix until Square Enix could look further into the problem.

The full patch notes have players furiously theorycrafting their builds and rotations for the upcoming expansion. Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers launches into early access tomorrow, with a full launch on PlayStation 4 and PC on July 2, 2019.

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