Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers - Dohn Mheg Dungeon Strategy

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers - Dohn Mheg Dungeon Strategy

It's the Warrior of Light versus illusions and shrubs in the second Shadowbringers dungeon.

After taking down the Sin-Eaters at Holminister Switch, the first dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, it's time for the newly-minted Warrior of Darkness to play around with the fae. Dohn Mheg pits you against the playful Fuath, a water-based group of fae that want you to provide them with some entertainment. It's a dungeon of bright colors and stunning illusions.

Like Holminister Switch, the first and second arms of trash mobs is nothing to fret over. Tank-and-spank, while watching out for any AoE attacks. The third arm of mobs isn't bad either, with the exception of additional Kelpies that patrol certain areas.

How to Beat the Bosses of Dohn Mheg

Dohn Mheg is a level 73 dungeon located in Il Mheg. You'll tackle three bosses: Aenc Thon, Griaule, and Lakelord Aenc Thon.

Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze

The first time you fight the playful Aenc Thon. This is a single phase fight and parties need to really watch out for the Landsblood mechanic.

Phase 1

  • Candy Cane: This is Aenc Thon's tankbuster. Tank cooldowns and heals should be ready.
  • Hydrofall: This will target players one or more players with a circle AoE. This is not a marker that follows you, so you can move to avoid the damage before the orbs of water hit the ground.
  • Laughing Leap: There are two versions of this attack. If the boss targets a player, everyone needs to stack to minimize damage. If the boss targets a spot on the arena, simply move away from it to avoid damage. Immediately after this attack, the boss will use Landsblood.
  • Landsblood: This attack is the one you need to watch out for. The boss will spawn several water spouts around the arena. The first form is a still puddle, while the second sees the puddle begin to bubble, before it explodes in a much larger area. You need to avoid the bubbling puddles to avoid the explosions, and if you get hit, you'll be bounced up in the air, likely onto another round of explosions. This is a dodge phase for the party.
You have to keep Griaule from growing. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix


In-between both Aenc Thons, you'll fight the plant-based creature Griaule. Your main aim here is to watch for the Fodder mechanic and make sure the boss doesn't reach its full growth.

Phase 1

  • Swinge: This is a cone AoE in the direction of a random player. Avoid it.
  • Coiling Ivy: The boss summon ivy roots that will entrap each player. You can target and destroy the roots to move again.
  • Fodder: This is the main mechanic of this fight. The boss will summon a few painted saplings around the arena, and then connect them to itself with tethers. The party has to stand in-between the saplings and the boss. Any saplings with an unbroken tether after a short period of time will be consumed by Griaule, causing it to grow larger receive the Growing buff. This increases damage dealt and lowers damage taken. You won't be able to prevent Griaule from consuming all the saplings each round: your focus here to minimize the overall growth.
  • Tiiimbeeer: Unavoidable groupwide AoE during the Fodder mechanic.
Always fashionable. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Lakelord Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lengthsome Gait

Aenc Thon returns to give the Warrior of Light his all. This is the first dungeon fight with actual distinct phases in Shadowbringers. Players need to watch for Ponambulist's Fantasia, which is a trial of limited movement skill. Aenc Thon will move through three phases, and once he completes the third phase, he'll return to the first.

Phase 1

  • Crippling Blow: Aenc Thon's tankbuster.
  • Virtuosic Capriccio: This is an unavoidable groupwide AoE. The trick is that you'll also get hit with a Bleed debuff on all players that will tick away damage. Healers should prepare a group heal, but also Esuna to remove the debuff.
  • Imp Choir: This is a Gaze mechanic. When you see the purple eye, face away from the boss to avoid getting turned into an imp for 6 seconds.
  • Toad Choir: Aenc will turn towards a random player and cast a frontal cone attack. Anyone caught in the attack will turn into a toad for 6 seconds. There is no AoE telegraph for this! When you see Aenc casting Toad Choir, move behind it.

Phase 2

  • Funambulist's Fantasia: This is the main mechanic you need to worry about. Aenc Thon will push back all players to the entrance, leap the far end, and create a chasm in the arena. A narrow tightrope path will appear. You need to traverse the tightrope to reach the boss. Falling off the path will teleport you back to the beginning.
  • Liar's Lyre: When Aenc casts Funambulist's Fantasia, he'll also summon this and cover himself in a barrier. Then the boss will start to cast Finale. You want to cross to the boss' side of the arena, and destroy the Lyre to interrupt Finale.
  • Finale: The ultimate attack. If the Liar's Lyle isn't destroyed before the Finale cast finishes, it automatically kills anyone not in Aenc Thon's barrier.

Phase 3

  • Changeling's Fantasia: Once Finale has been interrupted, Aenc Thon will return to the center of the arena and cast this, changing himself into the Shade of Fear.
  • Corrosive Bile: The Shade of Fear will vomit ink in front of it in twin circle AoE. These will linger a bit, so watch out.
  • Flailing Tentacles: The boss will stretch all of its tentacles high in the air. These tentacles will slam down in a straight line, forming an untelegraphed cross from the boss' position. Avoid this, because if you don't, you'll suffer Concussion, which is a heavy damage over time effect.

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