Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers - Holminister Switch Dungeon Strategy

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers - Holminister Switch Dungeon Strategy

We help you tackle the first dungeon of the Shadowbringers expansion.

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers throws new challenges in front of plays, with a brand-new series of dungeons to tackle. The Warrior of Light has headed to another world, The First, to help its people overcome the Flood of Light and the angelic Sin-Eaters. Your first dungeon in the Shadowbringers expansion will be Holminister Switch. The town is nestled in the north part of Lakeland, and the Warrior of Light is there to save the local citizens from a vicious attack.

In-between each boss, you'll find a section of weaker enemies you need to kill. These are called trash mobs. For the first two legs of Holminister Switch, the mobs are pretty simply. Gather them together and kill them all. The third section of trash mobs hatches in sequence, starting with the group of feathered eggs closest to the party. Simply burn them down, but don't take too long, as the next group will come. Tanks should be ready to pick up the incoming groups.

How to Beat the Bosses of Holminster Switch

Holminister Switch is a level 71 dungeon that also serves as your introduction to the Trust system. You'll face off against three bosses: Forgiven Dissonance, Tesleen the Forgiven, and Lightwarden Philia.

You vs. angels. A consistent Final Fantasy trope. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Forgiven Dissonance

This boss only has a single phase. It's all about knowing the attack patterns and dodging them accordingly. Once you've seen all the moves, it's just about tackling them in tandem. Tanks and healers should watch out for Pillory.

Phase 1

  • Pillory: This is the tankbuster. Tanks, use your cooldowns.
  • Path of Light: This is a groupwide AoE. Healers simply have to heal through it
  • Gibbet Cage: A circle AOE around the boss. Simply move out of melee range to dodge it.
  • Brazen Bull: This is the main mechanic of this Phase. Orbs spawn around the boss arena. These orbs will eventually explode in a cross-shaped pattern. It's up to you to determine where the safe zone is before they explode. The orbs will then charge a straight line, denoted by white line AoEs.
  • Thumbscrew: This is a charging attack that comes during Brazen Bull. The boss will charge at Brazen Bull's safe zone, denoted by a large blue AoE field. This limits the existing safe zone, but you only have to move a little to avoid both attacks.
  • Wooden Horse: After Thumbscrew, the boss will turn back towards center of the arena, and cast this conal AoE. Avoid it.

Tesleen, the Forgiven

Like Forgiven Dissonance, Tesleen offers a single phase of attack mechanics that simply overlap again and again until the boss is down.

Phase 1

  • The Tickler: This is Tesleen's tankbuster. Tanks, use your cooldowns to mitigate the damage. Healers, be ready as well.
  • Scold's Bridle: This is Tesleen's groupwide AoE. Healers, get ready with one of your weaker group heals.
  • Fevered Flagellation: Tesleen marks each party member with a number of orbs from one to four. These numbers determine her attack pattern, as she'll charged at the entire party in order. You need to spread apart so that these charges don't overlap on anyone else in your party. This minimizes the damage. You can't dodge it, so healers should be prepared to top everyone up.
  • Exorcise: Tesleen drops four circle AoEs on the arena. At the same time, she marks a single player with a stack-up marker. Stack up in a safe spot to lower the damage taken by the party. Picking your safe zone is key though, as wherever you stack, Tesleen will attack and drop a fifth circle AoE. All five leave puddles that damage players that stand in them. Tesleen will follow this attack with another Fevered Flagellation.
This too could be you! | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Lightwarden Philia

Like the two bosses before it, Lightwarden Philia is a single-phase boss. It's just a matter of knowing all of the mechanics and not getting caught in them.

Phase 1

  • Headcrusher: Philia's tankbuster
  • Scavenger's Daughter: Groupwide AoE.
  • Pendulum: For this move, Philia will mark the tank with a flare marker, while also dropping a proximity marker in the center of the arena. Philia will leap on the tank, and then back to the center in a weak proximity AoE. The party should spread out from the center, while also avoiding the tank.
  • Chain Down: These will target a single-player with chains, preventing them from moving. The rest of the party has to damage the chains to free the player.
  • Aethersup: When Philia uses Chain Down on a player, it'll also start casting this conal AoE in their direction. When the attack goes off, it'll bathe the entire area in white flames that will constantly damage anyone who steps in them.
  • Left/Right Knout: Philia will lift its left or right arm physically. An AoE telegraph will then appear and the boss will slam down, hitting the half of the arena that had the raised arm. The AoE telegraph shows very late, so it best to start move to the opposite side once you Philia raise either arm.
  • Into the Light: One player gets the line marker. The rest of the party needs to stack on them in a line to minimize damage.
  • Taphephobia: AoE markers on the entire party. Move away from each other to avoid overlapping damage.
  • Fierce Beating: This is the attack you need to worry about the most from this boss. Philia will leap to the center facing one direction, with marker that shows a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. When the attack cast is complete, the boss will slam down in front, dealing any damage to a player in front of them, followed by a conal AoE tail swipe to the rear. Philia will then repeat these attacks in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, depending on what was shown during the attack cast. The party needs to stand at either side of Philia, rotating as the boss does to avoid damage. This will repeat until Philia has made an entire rotation of the arena.

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