Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Jobs: How to Unlock Gunbreaker and Dancer

Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Jobs: How to Unlock Gunbreaker and Dancer

The new expansion is here and there's new jobs to enjoy!

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, the new expansion in Square Enix's flagship MMORPG is finally here. After some time in early access, the game is available to all players today. One of the key features of this new expansion are the brand-new jobs: Gunbreaker and Dancer. Despite the community hoping for a healer, the Gunbreakers are tanks, defending others with their trusty gunblades, while Dancers use their cool dance steps to deal damage.

Shadowbringers: How To Unlock the Gunbreaker

If you've explored the world of Final Fantasy 14 already, teleport to the main Aetheryte in New Gridania. Near the Aetheryte itself (X: 11.5, Y: 11.9), you'll find and NPC called Gods' Quiver Bow, who will offer you the quest "The Makings of a Gunbreaker". This quest will send you outside of the city to deal with some ruffians, which puts you in the path of a Hrothgar named Radovan and his Viera partner Sophie.

Given your martial prowess and fine character, Radovan offers to teach you how to become a Gunbreaker. You'll receive the Gunbreaker Soul Crystal, a gunblade weapon, and a box of Outsider's gear so you'll look the part. Equip the weapon and you'll automatically become a Gunbreaker! This begins a series of job quests involving the duo.

Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Gunbreaker Job Explained

The Gunbreaker job hails from the northeastern part of Eorzea, the region of Ilsabard. The lion-like Hrothgar of that region once crafted their special gunblades in order to protect their queen, Gunnhildr. When the region was conquered by the Garlean Empire, many were forced to fight for the Empire. Outside of Final Fantasy 14 lore, the job itself is obviously inspired by Final Fantasy 8 protagonist Squall Leonhart and antagonist Seifer Almasy, using the same distinct gunblades and sporting a similar fashion style.

As I said before, the Gunbreaker is a tank role. This means if you pick the Gunbreaker, you'll need to sit at the forefront of your party or raid, taking damage and protecting others. Like the Paladin, Warrior, and Dark Knight before it, the Gunbreaker provokes enemies and forces them to focus their attacks.

The Gunbreaker primary mechanic is based around aether-infused cartridges of ammunition. As you complete your basic combo rotation with the abilities Solid Barrel or Demon Slaughter, you'll create a Cartridge in your Powder Gauge. These cartridges can then be spent to do a more powerful attack like Burst Strike or the combo starter Gnashing Fang. After completing your level 70 job quest, you'll also get Continuation, which costs a cartridge and allows additional attacks that branch off the Gnashing Fang combo.

Gunbreakers also have a basic single-target combo that ends in Brutal Shell, which heals the tank and gives them a temporary barrier. It's a unique perk for the class, though like other tanks, it has cooldowns to handle larger incoming attacks.

The specific quest giver and quest you're looking for. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

How To Unlock the Dancer

Teleport to the main Aetheryte located in the main city of Limsa Lominsa. This should be in the lower decks area. Within the main plaza area, you'll find an Eager Lominsan (X: 9.8, Y: 12.0), who will offer you the quest "Shall We Dance". The quest will send you towards a troupe of dancers who are putting on a show for the local populace.

There you will meet a woman named Nashmeira, who will give you the chance to become a dancer under her tutelage. This series of job quests revolves around you new master and her troupe. You'll get a Dancer Soul Crystal, your first chakrams, and a box containing a set of Dancer-themed gear. Equip the chakram and you'll automatically become a Dancer!

One of the characters who will join you on your job quests.

Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Dancer Job Explained

Across the Sea of Jade lies Thavnair, the home of a special breed of dancers who use their steps to wage war. With a pair of chakram at their side, Dancers not only deal damage, but they also provide helpful buffs to party members. The Dancer has been a staple Final Fantasy series job since its first appearance in Final Fantasy 5.

Despite the chakram being hand-held, the Dancer is actually a Physical Ranged DPS role. You're meant to dance slightly away from the main conflict, setting up a series of steps for maximum damage. The Dancer relies heavily on combinations, with each dance being built from several steps.

The Step Gauge is the Dancer's primary mechanic. You begin a dance with Standard Step, or the longer Technical Step, which is gained from a job quest at level 70. Once you start with a Standard Step, the Step Gauge will show the next Step Action (Emboite, Entrechat, Jete, or Pirouette) you can perform. Do the steps in the correct order and end with a Standard Finish to increase the damage you deal. Technical Step is much the same, but instead of two step actions, it has four.

The Dancer can also mark another player as their Dance Partner. Upon successful completion of a Standard Finish, you'll grant a damage bonus or other effect to your Dance Partner. (Technical Step does the same with all party members.) Your chosen dance partner will also fill you Esprit Gauge whenever they perform a successful attack, which you spend on the area-of-effect attack Saber Dance. And all that is before you get into certain moves that have a 50% chance to open temporary access to stronger abilities, like the basic attack Cascade opening up into Reverse Cascade.

The specific quest giver and quest you're looking for. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Level Requirements

In order to unlock these brand-new jobs, you need to have at least one previous job at level 60. Once the jobs themselves are unlocked, they'll begin at level 60, requiring you to play through content from the previous expansion, Stormblood, before you can play everything in Shadowbringers.

That's all we have so far on the two jobs being added to Final Fantasy 14 as part of Shadowbringers. For more on the game, why not check out our breakdown of the post-launch roadmap. For a complete roundup of teh Shadowbringers expansion, head here.

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