Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers - Innocence, The Crown of the Immaculate Normal and Extreme Strategy

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers - Innocence, The Crown of the Immaculate Normal and Extreme Strategy

It's time to hit the Sin-Eaters on their home turf.

As you near the end of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers' main scenario, it becomes clear that you need to hit in the heart of the Sin-Eaters. Fighting back against the light requires finishing off the Mt. Gulg dungeon and its final boss, Forgiven Obscenity. Once you done that, you'll unlock a new Trial: The Crown of the Immaculate.

The Crown of the Immaculate is intended for level 79 players who have completed the Kholusia storylines. You will face off against a single boss across multiple phases. This guide not only covers the Normal version of the fight, but the Extreme versions as well.

Lord Vauthry stands alone. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

How to Beat The Crown of the Immaculate

It's time to face the final Lightwarden, Innocence. In the normal version, this is actually a pretty easy and straightforward fight. You only have two phases to worry about.

Phase 1

This phase will continue for most of the boss' lifebar, as opposed to shifting over at 30 or 50% like some other bosses.

  • Realmrazer: This is a standard attack that will deal groupwide damage. Heal through it, as you can't avoid it.
  • Heavenly Host: Innocence summons a total of five adds: One Forgiven Venery, and four Forgiven Shame. Tanks should pick up the entire group, and everyone should focus on them instead of the boss. These adds will cast Scold's Bridle and Holy Sword, which shouldn't damage you all that much, but can whittle away party HP if ignored. If you get to a second round of Heavenly Host, the boss will buff them with Guiding Light, giving my more AoE attacks.
  • Daybreak: When this is cast, wherever the bodies of the adds from Heavenly Host fall, there will appear AoE circles. Simply move away to avoid damage
  • Enthrall: This attack will summon four AoE circles around the room. Every circle needs at least one party member to stand inside of it to absorb the incoming damage. At the same time, the boss will have a Glare mechanic. Simply face away from him to avoid the Hysteria debuff, which will confuse you.
  • Exalted Wings: This is your marker for the change in phases. The boss will start to grow wings and deal groupwide AoE damage. Heal through it. You may not see this if you're damaging the boss fast enough.
The second version of Winged Reprobation. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Phase 2

After the first phase, Lord Vauthry takes on his true form, the Lightwarden Innocence.

  • Righteous Bolt: This is Innocence's tankbuster. Tanks, be prepared to use a cooldown, and healers, be prepared with a barrier or big heal.
  • Winged Reprobation: It's dodging time! This occurs in two different versions. The first is a series of line AoE attacks; simply find the safe zones to avoid damage. The second version has a large S-shaped AoE that rotates in a counter-clockwise fashion. Once you've dodged the first one, keep moving around to avoid the rest of the casts. Alternatively, there are gaps in the AoE, positioned roughly around the inner circle of the platform. You can stand here to avoid damage.
  • Rightful Reprobation: The boss moves to the center of the arena, and casts eight line AoEs from the outer platform toward itself. Just avoid them. The boss will cast Righteous Bolt, and then follow up with a quicker second round of this attack, so stay in the safe zone after the first cast.
  • Shadowreaver: A groupwide AoE. Healers, be ready to heal the party.
  • Immaculate Authority: This is Innocence's DPS check, so damage dealers should be ready to give it their all. The boss will become invulnerable and four Forgiven Shame adds will appear around the room. One at a time, each add will become tethered to a Forgiven Venery add in the center, which will slowly consume them. As the adds are consumed an Immaculate Authority meter will rise. Kill the adds quickly as they're tethered, while dodging random AoE circles as they appear. Once all four adds are down, you can kill the Forgiven Venery. If the meter reaches 100, it's a wipe. Finishing this moves us to the next phase.
God Ray in action. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Phase 3

Here Innocence will add a few new attacks in combination with Righteous Bolt, Winged Reprobation, and Rightful Reprobation from Phase 2. It's just a matter of taking all these combinations in turn. Keep dodging the mechanics until the boss is down.

  • God Ray: This is a transitional AoE that starts at the boss and radiates outward. There will be three safe zones 120 degrees apart. After the cast reaches the outer edge, Innocence will cast it again, with a slight rotation.
  • Light Pillar: This attack is a line stack marker. The entire party needs to line up to share the damage.
  • Beatific Vision: Innocence will teleport to an edge and begin casting this move. The attack will bisect the arena into two halves. You want to be as far away from the center line of this attack as possible, as the closer you are, the more damage it does.
  • Drop of Light: Four players are marked with a moving AoE circles. Move away from each other to prevent stacking damage.
Enter Innocence. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

How to Beat The Crown of the Immaculate Extreme

You've taken down Innocence in his easier version, so it's time for an additional challenge! Many of the moves from the normal version reappear here, albeit in different forms.

Phase 1

Everything described in this phase is occurs in the same order every time you fight the boss. Just follow along and you should be able to survive. As such, we'll actually mark these attacks in numerical order.

  1. Shadowreaver: This groupwide AoE moves to the first phase, and will become key to later mechanics. Healers, be prepared to heal through it.
  2. Righteous Bolt: This is still a tankbuster, but now it also adds a debuff. This means, your main tank will be to cooldown as the healers prepare for big heals, but you'll also need to tank swap. The offtank should be prepared to pick up the boss during the second Righteous Bolt cast, and than you'll swap as needed after that.
  3. Winged Reprobation: This attack now summon two weapons, one left and one right, that will tether themselves to two different players. These players will have a T-shaped AoE marker, pointing away from the tethered weapon and to their left and right. These players need to drag their tether as far away from the weapon as possible, while remaining on the same side of the arena. Eventually, the weapons will attack their tethered player in a quick line AoE. When this attack reaches the tethered player, it'll split, pointing in the directions marked on the T-shaped AoE. If the tethered players are positioned right, most of the T-shaped AoE should land outside the arena. These tethered players should also be prepared to move once the weapons begin to attack them, as the AoE marker stops moving at this point; this allows them to avoid the damage as well.
  4. Rightful Reprobation: This will be cast during the second Winged Reprobation. Innocence will throw out a fan of weapons towards one edge of the arena. A few seconds later, these weapons will streak over to the opposite side of the arena, creating an odd bowtie AoE. The party should position themselves just outside of the original fan AoE pattern, thus making it easy to avoid the bowtie attack. Be prepared to face this for the full encounter.
  5. Winged Reprobation (V2): The third Winged Reprobation will cast three curved line AoEs stretching out from the boss. After each cast, the AoEs will rotate in a counter-clockwise position and be cast again; keep moving to avoid them. At the same time, the boss will target two players with large circle AoEs. These players should move to avoid stacking damage and the rest of the party. The boss will follow this is with a Righteous Bolt.
  6. Winged Reprobation (V3): The fourth Winged Reprobation will see the boss throw out a weapon, which will attack with three straight line AoEs. This attack repeats from the same position. At the same time…
  7. Rightful Reprobation (V2): Innocence will throw weapons out to the edge of the arena in an eight-pointed star formation. Like the previous Rightful Reprobation, the weapons will eventually turn around and attack again across the same pattern.
  8. Light Pillar: This will happen around the previous two attacks. This line stack mechanic works the same as before.
  9. Winged Reprobation (V4): We're not done yet! The S-shaped pattern from the normal version of this fight appears here, alongside the tethered weapons from the first two versions of this attack.

Phase 2

You finished the gauntlet of varying AoE patterns! Good job! Now it's time to take on a different version of the adds phase.

  1. Immaculate Authority: This time, you will only have three adds in total. On the East and West sides of the arena, you'll have a Forgiven Venery. On the South side, there will be one Forgiven Shame. Your tank and offtank should pick up the Venery adds and keep them apart. The rest of the party should focus fire the Shame add, which will also use a groupwide AoE. The Holy Sword attack of the Venery adds is a tiny tankbuster that gets stronger with each cast. Tanks will need to cooldown, healers gotta heal everyone, and DPS needs to pick up the pace. As before, if all adds are not killed, the Immaculate Authority meter will fill, leading to a wipe.
We did not directly use this for this guide, but we always like to highlight at least one visual representation of a fight.

Phase 3

We're on the last part of this fight. You'll see a few new moves, but also specific version of returning attacks from the first phase.

  1. Starbirth: Innocence will cast three circle AoE markers on the arena. Your main tank should move the boss to the safe zone farthest away from all three markers. If any of Innocence's attacks hit these stars, they will explode in a much larger radius. The boss will cast Shadowreaver, causing these markers to explode.
  2. Winged Reprobation (V2): This is similar to the first phase. Three curved line AoEs in a rotation.
  3. Rightful Reprobation (V2): Also similar to the first phase. Eight pointed star AoE, with the weapons returning across their previous paths in a few seconds.
  4. Beatific Vision: Innocence will teleport to an edge and begin casting this move, which is the same as the normal version of the encounter, but without a visible telegraph. This is immediately followed by another Righteous Bolt.
  5. Starbirth (V2): This time you'll get two circle AoEs left on the platform. At the same time, the boss will cast…
  6. Drop of Light: The two players marked with moving AoE circles need to position themselves away from each other and the rest of the party, while also avoiding the Starbirth markers. After the Drop of Light attack hits, another two players will get marked and have to repeat this mechanic. Then Innocence will cast…
  7. Beatific Vision: Same as the earlier version, with no visible marker. The trick here is this will explode the Starbirth markers, minimizing the safe zones.
  8. Rightful Reprobation: The bowtie from the first phase returns. In the middle of this attack, Innocence will cast…
  9. God Ray: This is the same as the normal version of this attack. After this, the boss will cast Shadowreaver and Righteous Bolt.
  10. Starbirth (V3): You'll get four circle AoEs, meaning there's no safe zone.The current tank will want to position the boss next to one of the Starbirth markers. You have to deal with this in tandem with the next few mechanics.
  11. Winged Reprobation (V3): This is version with a weapon creating a three line AoEs, but the boss will spawn two of them. These will not affect the Starbirth markers.
  12. Light Pillar: This is the line stack marker where the party needs to share damage. The player who gets marked with the line stack marker needs to stand on the opposite of the boss from the tank. When the attack goes off, it'll explode the Starbirth marker it's aimed at. This is now your safe zone for the next attack.
  13. Shadowreaver: A groupwide AoE that will explode any Starbirth markers left. The boss will follow this with Righteous Bolt.
  14. Winged Reprobation + Winged Reprobation (V3): The tethered weapons are joined by two weapons that cast three line AoEs.
  15. Winged Reprobation (V2): This is similar to the first phase. Three curved line AoEs in a rotation.
  16. Starbirth + Beatific Vision: One safe zone, avoid the center spot to minimize damage.
  17. Rightful Reprobation + Drop of Light: The bowtie attack, combined with two moving AoE markers.
  18. Winged Reprobation: Two tethers, combined with a Righteous Bolt tankbuster.
  19. Starbirth (V2) + Drop of Light: Two Starbirth circles, and two moving AoE markers. This will be followed by Light Pillar, and then Beatific Vision.
  20. Rightful Reprobation + God Ray: The bowtie attack, plus the radiating AoE from the boss. This will be followed by Righteous Bolt, and then Shadowreaver.
  21. Starbirth (V3) + Beatific Vision + Winged Reprobation (V2): This is the enrage. If you see this combination, you have until Beatific Vision finishes casting, or you'll wipe.

And with that, you've finished off the Extreme version of Innocence! Bask in your glory and your loot!

And he's down... | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

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