Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers - Where to Find All the Aether Currents

Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers - Where to Find All the Aether Currents

If you're going to fly, you need to explore first.

From nearly the beginning in Final Fantasy 14, you can get around on foot, or with the help of a trusty mount. Every mount is equally capable of traversing on land, air, and even sea, even Cloud Strife's iconic Fenrir motorcycle. You have to work for flying in Final Fantasy 14 though. Each zone has a number of Aether Currents, points of interest that you have to find and attune to. Once you collect all of a zone's Aether Currents, then you'll unlock the ability to fly in that zone. Flying is a essentially a reward for getting to know each region in the game.

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers' Aether Currents Locations

This guide will show you where all the Aether Currents in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers are. For the exploration-based Aether Currents, we'll give you the X, Y coordinates, which you can check on your in-game map. The points are provided in the likely order that you'll find them. Quest-based currents will be listed in their own section, denoting the non-player character (NPC) who will give you the quest and their location. If an Aether Current is particularly hard to find, we'll also offer notes as their specific placement. Below, you'll see the locations and quests for Kholusia, Amh Araeng, Lakeland, Il Mheg, the Rak'tika Greatwood, and the Tempest.

Shadowbringers Kholusia Aether Currents Locations

When you kick off the main plot of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, you'll be given the choice of heading to either Kholusia or Amh Araeng. Kholusia brings you closer to the overall thrust of Shadowbringers' campaign. The main focus of the region is the decadent city of Eulmore, when the rich enjoy their days. The city looms over the slums below, where poor hopefuls try everything to gain access into the city.

Find all the current surrounding the city of Eulmore. | Square Enix

Exploration Aether Currents

(35.0, 24.1)
(34.4, 32.5)
(23.7, 36.7)
(17.6, 37.1)
(7.6, 34.0)
(11.0, 21.0)
(20.2, 21.1)
(18.9, 13.4)
(34.1, 17.2)
(34.7, 9.8)

You won't gain access to the second half of this map until after you've completed a large chunk of the Shadowbringers main scenario. This means you'll only have access to the first five Aether Currents the first time you visit here.

Your starting point in Kholusia. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Quest Aether Currents

  • "Village of Woe", obtained from Eueliss (15.3, 28.7)
  • "A Plankless Task", obtained from Thenoise (15.2, 29.6)
  • "A Disagreeable Dwarf", obtained from Beott (12.4, 9.2)
  • "Fugitive of Fear", obtained from Zumie-Shai (18.8, 17.9)
  • Main Story Quest: "Extinguishing the Last Light", obtained from Chai-Nuzz (18.6, 17.7)

It's worth noting that while you can collect a number of these Aether Currents while in Kholusia the first time, you can't complete the region until later in the main scenario. That last quest, Extinguishing the Last Light, is a level 79 quest and marks the beginning of the end for Shadowbringers.

Shadowbringers Aether Currents Explained

Not every Aether Current is gained through exploration though. A certain number of currents in a region are rewards from quests. As you progress your way through the main scenario of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, you'll unlock additional side quest in different hub areas around a region. Even if you're skipping most sidequests, you want to look out for Feature quests, which are marked with giant plus symbol and blue coloring to differentiate them from other side quests. Not all offer Aether Currents, but many do.

There's also one Aether Current that will be rewarded in the final Main Scenario quest of a region. You can keep track of how many Aether Currents you have by selecting "Aether Currents" under the "Travel" side menu in the bottom-right of your screen.

Welcome to Amh Araeng. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Shadowbringers Amh Araeng Aether Currents Locations

Amh Araeng is a desert land where those suffering from a sickness of the Light come to live out their last days. On the far end of the region, you see the wall where the Flood of Light stopped. Beyond it is nothing, pure death for any living thing. It's one of the two regions you have to choose between in the beginning of Shadowbringers.

The deserts of Amh Araeng hide secrets. | Square Enix
Exploration Aether Currents

(29.8, 10.4)
(30.7, 15.3)
(30.9, 21.5)
(24.7, 28.0)
(28.3, 32.2)
(21.1, 9.0)
(14.6, 16.7)
(23.9, 17.5)
(14.8, 29.7)
(24.4, 35.4)

Like Kholusia, you only get access to half of this entire map the first time you visit. Once you return, the rest of the map will make itself apparent, allowing you to collect the latter ten Aether Currents.

Quest Aether Currents

  • "Work to Live to Work", obtained from Ghen Gen (26.8, 18.5)
  • "Scavengers Assemble", obtained from Quick-witted Scavenger (13.0, 16.9)
  • "Charmless Man", obtained from Sveinn (11.8, 17.4)
  • "A Vein Pursuit", obtained from Horthur (11.3, 17.5)
  • Main Story Quest: "A Fresh Start", obtained from Ryne (15.8, 29.1)

The main story quest here comes prior to Kholusia's, but you'll still be waiting until around level 77 to gain access to flying in Amh Araeng.

Shadowbringers Lakeland Aether Currents Locations

Lakeland is the first region you'll enter in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers' main plot, but you won't actually return to fully explore it until after you've completed a few quests in Kholusia and Amh Araeng. Unlike those two regions, you can actually complete Lakeland once you've properly started questing there.

The forest of Lakeland is probably the first place you'll fly. | Square Enix
Exploration Aether Currents

(33.6, 28.8)
(30.1, 24.0)
(35.5, 21.5)
(37.3, 21.1)
(34.6, 17.0)
(32.0, 14.6)
(35.4, 11.1)
(18.6, 18.4)
(9.4, 17.7)
(5.5, 14.3)

Two of these Aether Currents are a little tricky to find. The first is at (9.4, 17.7), and it's actually located just north of the Amarokeep, on a ledge below. You have to drop down to the ledge, from the same level the Amarokeep is on. The second is at (5.5, 14.3), and it's located on a ledge in the middle of the tower as you're climbing it. When you're close to the top, look towards the inner section of the tower and you'll find it.

Quest Aether Currents

  • "The Astute Amaro", obtained from Sentry Captain (8.0, 17.0)
  • "Imperative Repairs", obtained from Seanard (6.1, 15.4)
  • "An Unreasonable Request", obtained from Teanna (7.4, 14.4)
  • "A Jobb Well Done", obtained from Heggie (12.0, 16.4)
  • Main Story Quest: "Logistics of War", obtained from Szem Djenmai (8.5, 9.7)

One of these currents tend to throw off a lot of people. The quest "A Jobb Well Done" is actually not located in Lakeland itself. Instead, you'll find the NPC that begins the quest is actually in The Crystarium. She'll give you a quest to take a package to her son in Fort Jobb, which is in Lakeland.

Shadowbringers Il Mheg Aether Currents Locations

Il Mheg is probably one of the best-looking zones in all of Shadowbringers. The realm of the fairies, it's all ethereal, deck out in bright flowers and shining crystal. Under the massive structure in the center of the zone, you'll also find the lost ruins of a civilization under the lake. This will likely be the second region you can unlock flying in.

The fae frolic in the plains of Il Mheg. | Square Enix
Exploration Aether Currents

(10.5, 34.8)
(10.5, 24.8)
(16.8, 24.7)
(23.1, 32.9)
(14.9, 10.2)
(21.7, 4.4)
(24.1, 8.6)
(30.0, 6.0)
(25.1, 12.9)
(20.3, 14.9)

Like other regions, you'll need to complete the main scenario to unlock the second half of this overall map. Outside of that, there are no tricky currents in Il Mheg.

Just look at this place. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix
Quest Aether Currents

  • "The Forbidden Lran", obtained from Lad Kenn (14.1, 32.6)
  • "Delightful Decorations", obtained from Exuberant Pixie (9.1, 17.1)
  • "The Path to Popularity", obtained from Ul Thon (15.7, 30.4)
  • "A New Amaro", obtained from Sandman (30.2, 8.4)
  • Main Story Quest: "Acht-la Ormh Inn", obtained from Seto (30.4, 7.6)

Shadowbringers Rak’tika Greatwood Aether Currents Locations

While the Light floods everything in The First, preventing night from falling, there is something like it in the Rak'tika Greatwood. Here, huge trees provide shade and darkness for the residents that are able to carve out a living there. One side of the map is somewhat swamp-like, while the east half gives over to dense forest. This is the second map that you'll likely complete one your first run-through.

Deep within the Rak'tika Greatwood, a race of warriors hides. | Square Enix
Exploration Aether Currents

(8.8, 32.5)
(13.4, 31.6)
(19.3, 22.5)
(8.9, 17.9)
(4.2, 25.0)
(28.2, 25.5)
(31.7, 22.9)
(28.6, 15.5)
(26.2, 11.8)
(34.5, 16.0)

The only one that might give you trouble is the first one, which is up on a massive tree branch. You'll clearly see it if you look up.

Just look up. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix
Quest Aether Currents

  • "What We Do for Family", obtained from Varthon (18.8, 27.8)
  • "The Great Deceiver", obtained from Valan (19.8, 27.5)
  • "Suit Up", obtained from Haimet (29.4, 17.8)
  • "Stand on Ceremony", obtained from Lanille (31.3, 16.9)
  • Main Story Quest: "The Burden of Knowledge", obtained from Almet (30.5, 17.4)

Shadowbringers Tempest Aether Currents Locations

While a large part of Shadowbringers' story will be wrapped up by level 79, there's one more place that you have to journey in order to complete the current storylines. In between the killing of all the Sin-Eaters and bringing night back to The First, you and your party will also dive into some ancient history. That history will lead you directly into the Tempest.

The Tempest ends your journey in Shadowbringers. | Square Enix
Exploration Aether Currents

(29.2, 7.2)
(33.6, 9.4)
(39.5, 16.8)
(35.7, 23.1)
(28.2, 15.9)
(22.8, 11.3)
(22.3, 18.0)
(14.5, 17.0)
(7.0, 13.6)
(5.4, 19.4)
Quest Aether Currents

  • "Koal of the Cups", obtained from Naroshs Koal (32.1, 16.6)
  • "Community Cohesion", obtained from Patronizing Amaurotine (9.5, 28.2)
  • "Debate and Discourse", obtained from Loquacious Amaurotine (7.2, 31.4)
  • "Responsible Creation", obtained from Bureau Attendant (13.6, 27.6)
  • Main Story Quest: "A Greater Purpose", obtained from Alphinaud (8.8, 26.5)

The information for all of the Tempest locations comes care of Reddit user Puffdamagicmonkey, who has crowd-sourced a Google document with the locations. We haven't gotten to the region itself during our review period, so there are no additional tips we can provide.

The maps are marked with coordinates by USG, but the high-quality maps themselves come from Reddit user RobbieHighwind.

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