Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo Search: Chocobo Locations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo Search: Chocobo Locations

Here's where to find all three chocobos as part of the Chocobo Search Mission.

Towards the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you'll be tasked with finding three chocobos as part of a side quest called Chocobo Search. They can be a little tricky to track down, especially if you pick the mission up Sector 5 as opposed to Sector 6. To help you track down these feathery friends we've put together a guide on their locations. Let's get started.

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How to Find the Missing Chocobos in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To unlock fast travel (more on that here) you'll need to complete the chocobo Search mission. This is relatively straightforward—you'll just need to track down three lost chocobos. In the list below we'll give you their general locations just in case you'd like to find them yourself. If you'd like more specific directions, check out the rest of the article.

  1. Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills area of Sector 5
  2. Collapsed Expressway
  3. Church

Chocobo Location #1 - Sector 5

The first chocobo can be found in Sector 5, towards the Nuts 'n' Bolts area of the map. You'll need to defeat some enemies to get there, but once you do you can send the chocobo home.

Head to Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills to find the first chocobo | Jake Green/USG

Chocobo Location #2 - Collapsed Expressway

The second chocobo can be found in the Collapsed Expressway. You can see the exact spot in the image below. You'll need to fight some pretty tough enemies to get there, so take care.

After a tough fight you can send this one home | Jake Green/USG

Chocobo Location #3 - The Church

The third and final chocobo is super easy to find. You just need to head to the Church and you'll see it chilling outside. Just interact with it to send it back to its owner.

Go to church | Jake Green/USG

Chocobo Search Rewards

As a reward for completing the chocobo Search mission, Sam will give you a Delivery Service Pass. This will allow you to use the Chocobo Stops scattered throughout the world completely free of charge.

For more on Final Fantasy 7, why not check out Kat's article on all of the game's spin-offs. Elsewhere, there's our official verdict on the game.

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