Final Fantasy 7 Remake Won't "Drastically" Change the Story of the Original From Here On Out

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Won't "Drastically" Change the Story of the Original From Here On Out

Co-Director Yoshinori Kitase has some interesting comments on the future of the remake saga.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched near the beginning of this month, and it's safe to say the ending of part one of the remake has been contentious. This is your big spoiler warning for this article: stop reading now if you haven't completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

Still here? Great.

As you'll know if you completed the remake, part one ends with Cloud and company literally breaking away from the storyline from the original game, but co-director Yoshinori Kitase has now provided the following quote (translated to English from Japanese by Twitter user @aitaikimochi) regarding the story in the future installments of the remake.

The quote comes from "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania", a book accompaniment to the remake with comments from the development team, including co-director Tetsuya Nomura. Kitase's comments above are a little confusing to say the least, because it appears to partially backtrack on the move away from the established plot of the original Final Fantasy 7. They also appear to directly contradict Nomura's comments from March, where the co-director teased that even long time fans might "think they know what comes next," hinting at big departures from the original story in part two of the remake.

We've naturally assumed that future installments of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake saga would deviate significantly from the original story, with Cloud defeating fate itself at the end of part one of the remake. Perhaps Kitase and the rest of the development team really are going to stick mostly to the established story of the remake. Who the hell knows at this point.

Back in November 2019, Tetsuya Nomura announced that part two of Final Fantasy 7 Remake was already in production. Any guesses for what the next entry in the saga might be called?

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