Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Co-Director Teases Changes in Part 2 of the Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Co-Director Teases Changes in Part 2 of the Remake

Tetsuya Nomura says longtime fans "think they might know what comes next."

Tetsuya Nomura is being a bit of a tease. In a new documentary from Square Enix surrounding the making of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Nomura hints at bigger changes to come in the successive parts of the remake.

At the very end of the documentary below, which sees directors, producers, and artists from Square Enix talking at length about how and why the remake came about, Tetsuya Nomura drops a pretty big teaser. "The longtime fans will certainly want to see the next developments too," said the co-director, referencing future installments in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake saga. "Even though they might think they know what comes next!" he added.

We can clearly expect changes to Final Fantasy 7 Remake in future parts of the saga, then (part two of which is already in production). We finally know for almost-certain that part one of the remake ends with our group of heroes escaping from the city of Migdar, and however many parts the remake eventually ends up being, they'll tell the rest of the story in various stages.

Is Nomura saying that the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake could change in future parts? It's incredibly likely, given that the development team has already changed existing parts of the story in part one of the remake. Recently, it was revealed that there'll be new story beats on the main path of the game, including visiting Jessie's parents for dinner, for example.

Not only that, but Square Enix is expanding Midgar in a big way, making it traversable by vehicles, with added side missions and expanded stories for Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge in particular. It seems like there'll be some additional changes for Final Fantasy 7 Remake further down the road.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (or at least part one of the remake) releases on April 10, 2020. The demo taking you through the first Mako Reactor is still available to be downloaded from the PSN Store.

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