Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Kids On Patrol Locations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Kids On Patrol Locations

Here's where to find all 5 kids as part of the Kids On Patrol side mission in FF7 Remake.

There are a selection of side missions to take on in addition to the main quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Most of them are found upon entering the Sector 5 Slums area of the game, where you'll be tasked with finding 5 kids who are out patrolling. The Kids On Patrol mission is pretty straightforward, but can be somewhat time consuming if you don't know where to look. To help you get it done as quickly as possible we've put together this Kids On Patrol Locations Guide. Let's get started.

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Where to Find the 5 Kids On Patrol in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To find the 5 kids as part of the Kids On Patrol side mission in Final Fantasy 7 Remake you'll need to explore the Sector 5 Slums area. They will be standing out in the open in each case, but given the labyrinthian layout of the streets you may miss one or two. We've detailed the location of each below:

Kids On Patrol Location #1

Here's where to find the first kid | Jake Green

This first kid can be found in an alleyway near the Community Center. We've marked their exact location on the map above.

Kids On Patrol Location #2

Here's where to find the second kid | Jake Green

The second kid can be found on the road on the way to the station. You can't miss them, we've marked their location in the image above.

Kids On Patrol #3

Here's where to find the third kid | Jake Green

Now it's time to head back to the Sector 5 general store. You'll see a kid standing outside, near the entrance to the Secret Hideout.

Kids On Patrol #4

Here's where to find the fourth kid | Jake Green

Onto the fourth kid now. They're standing outside the weapon store, shown on the map above.

Kids On Patrol Location #5

Here's where to find the fifth kid | Jake Green

The final kid can be found standing outside the community center. Once you have found all of them, they'll ask you to help them defeat a powerful enemy called the Toad King. We'll go into some detail on this fight below:

Toad King Boss Fight

To beat the Toad King you will need to pay close attention to the way the three enemies in the area are interacting with each other. The Toad King will constantly buff the other two, so take it out first. Once the King is dead, take on its minions. This fight is very easy once you've taken the first enemy down, and make sure you focus on staggering enemies (more on that here)

Kids On Patrol Rewards

For completing the Kids on Patrol side mission you will be given the Nail Bat weapon. It's a fairly effective melee weapon that Cloud can use. It's particularly useful for Whack-a-Box (more on that here).

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