Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Lost Friends Cat Locations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Lost Friends Cat Locations

Here's where to find all 3 lost cats, as part of the Lost Friends side quest.

There are side quests to complete in addition to the main missions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. They range from simple fetch quests to classic 'go there kill this' missions. One you'll get early in the Sector 7 Slums is the Lost Friends mission. An adorable little girl called Betty will rope you into finding her lost cats, so obviously you're going to want to find them as fast as possible. Here's where to find the 3 lost cats in Sector 7.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Cat Locations

There are 3 lost cats to find as part of the Lost Friends side quest. They can be found in the following locations. We'll go into a bit more detail later on in this article. For a look at the Music Discs that can be found in this area, head here.

  1. Cat #1 - road to the station, in the busy market
  2. Cat #2 - outside Seventh Heaven
  3. Cat #3 - at construction site in center of town

Lost Cat #1 Location

The first Lost Cat can be found in the busy market area on the way to the Sector 7 Undercity Station. Just walk from Seventh Heaven to the station and you'll spot it. Check out the exact location on the map below:

Here's where to find the first lost cat | Jake Green/USG

Lost Cat #2 Location

This one is extremely easy to find. It's sat right outside Seventh Heaven. You can't miss it!

Head to Seventh Heaven | Jake Green/USG

Lost Cat #3 Locations

Finally, we have the last lost cat. You can find this one in the construction area east of Seventh Heaven on the map. Once you're in the area you'll see a lady with a green quest marker above her head. She'll tell you that the cat is hiding on the other side of the grey tube. Head through it and get the cat. We've marked the exact position on the map below:

We've marked the final lost cat on this map, with a red circle | Jake Green/USG

If you're looking for more on Final Fantasy 7 Remake you'll want to take a look at our official review of the game. Elsewhere there's Hirun's write up of the Airburst Mech boss battle.

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