Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Should You Choose Heads or Tails?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Should You Choose Heads or Tails?

You'll be given a choice while trying to win over Chocobo Sam in the Wall Market section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Should you pick heads or tails?

While trying to get Aerith an audience with Don Corneo in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you'll need to impress a guy called Chocobo Sam. His mission is as simple as it gets, in that you'll need to call a coin toss. He'll offer you three options: heads, tails or no deal. In this guide we'll lead you through the outcome for each of the three choices, so that you can rest easy knowing you made the right call.

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Should You Pick Heads or Tails in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

You may think that the outcome of a coin toss is unlikely to affect a game as big as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but there are some knock-on effects. We'll walk you through each of the three choices in the list below:

  1. Choose Heads: Sam will win, his coin will be revealed to be a trick coin.
  2. Choose Tails: Once again, Sam will win as his coin will be rigged in his favor.
  3. Choose No Deal: Aerith will actually call Heads, and will lose due to the trick coin as well.

While you're exploring the depraved streets of Wall Market, be sure to keep an eye out for these Music Discs.

Does Your Choice Have an Effect On the Game?

Now that you know the choice is rigged from the start, you may be wondering if the coin toss has any bearing on the story in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Strangely, it actually does. Your choice here will determine the color of a dress worn by one of the characters later on (we won't spoil it here). Choosing heads or tails will result in a blue and black dress, whereas choosing no deal will result in a light purple dress.

Chocobo Sam is a dirty cheat! | Jake Green/USG

There's plenty more on Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be found right here on USG. First up is Nadia's look at the uneven textures present in the launch build of the game. Elsewhere there's Hirun's explainer of the ending.

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