Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Should You Take the Elevator or the Stairs at Shinra HQ?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Should You Take the Elevator or the Stairs at Shinra HQ?

A much-memed element from the original Final Fantasy 7 returns for the remake. So should you take the stairs or the elevator at Shinra HQ?

At the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you'll make your way to floor 59 of Shinra HQ. That's a lot of floors to climb, so luckily you're given the option to use an elevator if you so wish. In this guide we'll explain the differences between the two routes, so that you can rest easy knowing you didn't miss out on anything, and that you made the right choice.

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Should You Take the Stairs or the Elevator in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

In the Shinra HQ level of FF7 Remake you will be given a choice: take the elevator, or the stairs to floor 59. You can either make your way to the stairwell, or the elevators, but which should you pick? You should absolutely pick the elevator, we'll explain why below.

What Happens If You Take the Stairs?

If you take the stairs to floor 59, you are in for a long climb. You will need to run up every floor, and your party will get progressively more worn out, and slower as they climb. This section easily took us ten minutes of looping stairwells to complete, and while there's some fun dialogue moments, for the love of God, take the elevator. While you're at Shinra HQ, be sure to find all of the Music Discs.

Climbing all of those stairs will take its toll | Jake Green/USG

What Happens If You Take the Elevator?

Taking the elevator is a much faster and more importantly less monotonous route. You'll fight enemies at floors 10 and 20, and then bump into new characters on floors 30 and 40. The battles are quick and simple, so won't take long at all.

If you're looking for more on Final Fantasy 7 Remake you'll want to take a look at our official review of the game. Elsewhere there's Hirun's write up of the Airburst Mech boss battle.

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