Final Fantasy 7 Remake Shows Off Spooky New Screenshot as a Halloween Treat

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Shows Off Spooky New Screenshot as a Halloween Treat

Wait, these things have faces?

This is Halloween, and Midgar's down to make a scene. A new screenshot from Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows Cloud running away from a couple of the Ghost enemies that populate Sector 7's train graveyard. The revamped ghosts look appropriately spOooOOooky, but real talk? I had no idea they even have faces.

The official Final Fantasy 7 Remake Twitter account tweeted the new picture as a Halloween treat. The revised train graveyard ghouls are wrapped in filthy rags that are crudely stitched together, and they appear ready to sink their long claws into Cloud as he tries to flee the scene like a sensible warm-blooded person. We also get a very good look at the Ghosts' faces, which are essentially three gaping holes in their abdomens. They straddle a line between creepy and cute. They remind me of undead Cactaurs.

In the original game, the Ghosts' models are transparent and usually distant from the camera. That might be why I didn't notice their faces at first. They clearly exist, though. I guess it makes sense. How else are they supposed to drink tea and talk about Midgar's weather? ("Smoggy with a steel-plated sky, same as yesterday and the day before.")

I've been breaking down trailers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake as they come in, and I initially speculated the spirits we see swarming around Cloud and Aerith at certain points come from the train graveyard. Now that the official Remake account has revealed these two cheery fellahs, it's clear they're a different species than the smokier, more sinister-looking phantoms in the trailers.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming in March 2020, and that's when we'll be able to accurately separate our ghosts from our spirits. Take a look at our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides in the meantime.

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