Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips and Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips and Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a complicated game, with a hybrid turn-based and real-time combat system to master. Here's some helpful tips to help you out, as well as links to all of our guides content on the game.

Final Fantasy 7 remake takes elements from the beloved 1997 JRPG and repackages them for a modern audience. Everything from visuals to combat has been completely redesigned, to the point where even veterans of the series may find certain aspects tricky to master. To help you out, we've listed some essential tips for playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and will use this page as a hub which collects all of our guides content regarding the game.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips

While you'll definitely want to switch out your loadout and techniques while playing FF7 Remake, there are some key things you'll want to keep in mind. The tips below range from essential spells you'll need, to advice on taking down bosses.

  • As soon as you gain access to the Chakra Materia, equip it to Cloud. It is an extremely powerful health ability that also cures poison.
  • Assign Spells and abilities to each character's quick-menu in your party. To do this, head to 'Battle Settings' in the main menu. This will allow you to quickly trigger specials by holding L1 and pressing corresponding face buttons.
  • Whenever a vending machine has sale items, buy them. This is especially important for Phoenix Down and Mega Potions.
  • When administering potions between battles, hold L1 to apply multiple potions in quick succession.
  • Rest at every bench you can find. It will replenish HP and MP.
  • Save Limit Breaks for when you need them. Often, with hard bosses, it is more useful to save Limit Breaks until the boss is staggered, this will do massive damage.
  • You should be using Assess on every new enemy you come across, this will give you vital info on their weaknesses and resistances.
  • Following on from that, press the touchpad to bring up enemy information during battles.
  • Make sure you know when to disengage lock-on. You can use this to run away from large AoE attacks.
  • Make sure at least one member of your party knows Raise, so you can revive quickly.
  • You'll want your party to contain a wide mix of elemental spells. This means you can always exploit enemy weaknesses.
  • When equipping a new weapon, make sure you spend its skill points on upgrades before proceeding.
  • For flying enemies, use Aero to take them down.
  • Use Cloud's Punisher Mode by pressing triangle. Hold R1 to block while in this state, taking a hit will add a parry attack that does serious damage. This is great for 1 on 1 boss fights.
  • Take the time to explore areas. Press L2 to bring up a mini-map, this should be up at all times when exploring an area.
  • Some weapons and armor items have Linked Slots. This allows you to use blue Materia to add buffs to other Materia. This is especially useful for adding elemental damage to your regular weapon attacks.


To help you through FF7 Remake's campaign (it's a surprisingly long one too LINK), we'll be listing all of the guides we've put together below. We have more planned for release, so be sure to check back for assistance with the game.

If you're looking for more on Final Fantasy 7 Remake you'll want to take a look at our official review of the game. Elsewhere there's Hirun's write up of the Airburst Mech boss battle.

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