Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Companion Book Finally Names Cloud and Tifa's Parents

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Companion Book Finally Names Cloud and Tifa's Parents

At last, Brian and Claudia have official names.

Update [05/18]: The article originally stated that Claudia Strife is never named in-game. Her name can be read in subtitles for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The original story follows:

It's been a long time coming for Claudia Strife and Brian Lockhart. But with a translation of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania companion book surfacing online, we now have official names to go by for two background characters in Final Fantasy 7.

These characters would be the aforementioned Claude Strife, mother to Cloud, and Brian Lockhart, father to Tifa. Both characters are deceased by the time that both the original Final Fantasy 7 and the Remake take place, but while Claudia Strife never appeared in the original game, both characters appear in the remake in flashback sequences.

Although Brian and Claudia appeared in the original Final Fantasy 7, they were never called as such. Instead, they were simply referred to as 'Cloud's mom,' or in Tifa's case ティファパパ, which directly translates to 'Tifa Papa.' Only in concept art by Tetsuya Nomura for the original game were they given names.

But thanks to the helpful fan translation of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania companion book, Brian and Claudia's in-game identities have been confirmed. Rest in peace, Tifa Papa.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake might be barely a month old, but we're already looking ahead to the next entry in the saga (which is already in production). Check out our six key predictions for part two of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and then check back on them in roughly four or five years time to see if we were right. Who knows, maybe we will see Barret in a sailor outfit after all.

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