Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Final Trailer Shows Off Every Stunning Character Model

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Final Trailer Shows Off Every Stunning Character Model

The remake is truly filled with beautiful people.

With just a week to go until Final Fantasy 7 Remake's official launch, there's one final trailer for us to dive into. The official final trailer showcases just about every single character in the remake, both good and evil.

You can check out all four plus minutes of the final trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake just below. If you're looking to go into the game entirely unspoiled we'd actually recommend skipping out on this trailer. There aren't any specific spoilers for the remake in the trailer, but if you'd like some pleasant surprises while you're playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake for yourself, you might want to sit this one out.

The character models for the remake continue to look absolutely jaw dropping. Final Fantasy is no stranger to impressive character models and designs (obviously), but Final Fantasy 7 Remake's characters look truly exceptional, from Cloud, Aerith and company, all the way to the evil overlords at the Shinra Corporation.

We mentioned that there's just a week to go until Final Fantasy 7 Remake officially launches, but it's already out in the wild. You can pick up the game right now from certain retailers in Australia, and there are retailers in the UK who have already shipped the game to customers.

Keeping this in mind, be very vigilant if you'd like to go into the remake entirely unspoiled. Square Enix has been taking down Twitch channels that are streaming the remake before release, which the Final Fantasy community at large has no shortage of reactions to.

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