Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Voice Cast Got Their Scripts As They Were Recording

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Voice Cast Got Their Scripts As They Were Recording

Talk about acting on the fly.

If you think you've ever had it hard making things up as you went for your job, think again. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's voice cast got their scripts at the last minute, right as they were recording for the first time.

Several of the voice actors behind Final Fantasy 7 Remake's characters did a Reddit AMA just yesterday. Britt Baron, who plays Tifa Lockhart in the remake, revealed that the actors were seeing their scripts for the very first time just as they were recording. Talk about doing things on the fly.

Britt Baron's post on the Reddit AMA. | Reddit

Elsewhere in the AMA, John Eric Bentley, who plays Barret Wallace in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, confirmed what is usually standard industry practice by now: all the voice actors in the remake recording their lines individually from one another, usually out of context.

John Eric Bentley's post on the Reddit AMA. | Reddit

This is nothing new for the industry. It's pretty rare that a voice cast gets together in one studio to record their lines together, which is why it was notable that Final Fantasy 15's voice cast eventually met up and recorded some of their lines together a few years back.

All things considered, the voice actors in Final Fantasy 7 Remake did a fantastic job. Just earlier this week Brianna White, who plays Aerith in the remake, had a pretty special reaction to hearing her voice in the remake for the first time. A nice reminder of what goes into the work for English dubs, for voice actors that are often underappreciated when it comes to the whole 'dubs vs. subs' debate.

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