Final Fantasy 7 Remake TGS Trailer Breakdown: Clues About Wutai, a Brand New Character, and More

Final Fantasy 7 Remake TGS Trailer Breakdown: Clues About Wutai, a Brand New Character, and More

Frog Cloud has a tiny sword, and it will be the end of me.

Square Enix promised we'd see a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake this week in honor of Tokyo Game Show, and we sure got one. It's not a piddly affair, either. It clocks in at almost three minutes and contains all-new footage of events leading up to the collapse of Sector 7's plate.

Breaking down Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailers has become something of a tradition around here, so why stop the music? Here's a breakdown of the TGS 2019 trailer, including notes, comments, and observations.

It's still not clear what those ghost-things are in the slums, but apparently everyone can see them: One of the earlier trailers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows Aerith and Cloud being startled by shadowy, ghostly figures during their first meeting. The new trailer opens with more ghosts assaulting the rest of AVALANCHE, so apparently, they're not spirits that can only be detected by Aerith. There are ghosts in Midgar's train graveyard, and these new specters look similar. They might be connected to the steely ruins.

We have an up-close and personal encounter with another SOLDIER: A stranger shows up early in the trailer during the motorcycle chase sequence. (Which has seemingly been moved to an earlier point in the game and appears much more plot relevant.) Cloud identifies the stranger as "A SOLDIER," mullet-class. This is interesting because Cloud talks up SOLDIER in Final Fantasy 7 vanilla, but outside of flashbacks with Zack, we only see them in random encounters. One thing's for sure: This strange new SOLDIER knows some fancy motorcycle acrobatics. That's what Shinra gave him the Mako injection for: sick moves.

The Turks almost seem competent in Remake: Shinra's "elite" assassins are goofy as hell in Final Fantasy 7 Vanilla. They fight poorly, they're more interested in rating Tifa versus Aerith than talking business, and 50% of your encounters with the Turks wind up going nowhere because they're vacationing or gambling. So far, Remake's trailers make them appear much more serious about their work. We'll see if they keep that up once everyone leaves Midgar and they chase after Sephiroth for ten minutes before giving up and going on an endless smoke break.

Rude deadass grabs Cloud by his ankles, spins him, and throws him into Aerith: OK, so maybe the new Turks aren't taken too seriously, because one of Rude's attacks involves picking up Cloud by the ankles, spinning him like a helpless child, and then throwing him into Aerith. I knew there's a reason Rude's my favorite. I can just imagine Cloud's indignant inner dialogue. "Put me down, right now! I was SOLDIER First Class! Well, not really, but—just put me down. NO, NOT LIKE THAT—"

You can play darts now: Apparently someone at Square Enix looked over at Yakuza and said, "Say... look at what they're doing." Speaking of mini-games, it seems there's more to do at Wall Market's gym than squat. Now you're expected to do pull-ups, too. Are you up for it, weakling?

Don Corneo is sleezy as hell: Do not touch this man.

Nah, I'm good. | Square Enix

The party is busting out the Summons early: In Final Fantasy 7 vanilla, you don't get your first Summon—Chocobo and Mog—until you visit the Chocobo Farm after leaving Midgar. Waiting that long isn't feasible for Remake since the entire Midgar chapter is a self-contained game. The new trailer gives us a glimpse of Shiva, Ifrit, and a skeletal figure in a horse-drawn chariot. (Hades, maybe? That'd be interesting, because he's a very late game Summon.) There technically is a way to use Summons in vanilla Midgar: Play the Final Fantasy 7 PSOne demos from the long ago and far away. Tifa can summon Neo Bahamut, a super-overpowered Summon who was only included to convince kids the money they had squirreled away for the N64 was better spent on pre-ordering Final Fantasy 7. It almost worked on me.

President Shinra seems less laid back about AVALANCHE, which is a bit disappointing: While it's become distressingly apparent cartoonish evil does exist in this world, I think a lot of the planet's ills can be chalked up to apathy from powerful people. In the original Final Fantasy 7, President Shinra embodies this highly destructive trait. When he meets AVALANCHE face-to-face for the first time, he addresses them without rage or excitement. He doesn't give Barret any time to curse at him before he turns his back. He even makes a show of misremembering Cloud's name before heading off to attend a political dinner. When AVALANCHE becomes a real threat, he drops the Sector 7 plate without emotion. And when Barret finally confronts the President and accuses him of mass murder, the President calmly tells the enraged AVALANCHE leader to take up any grievances with his secretary. President Shinra is the digital embodiment of why the majority of humanity suffers and starves even though we have the technology and resources necessary for everyone to live a decent, dignified life.

In the new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, President Shinra appears to be a little more animated, and a little more energetic. He's got a wild streak that makes me think of demented Final Fantasy villains like Kefka, though not nearly as over-the-top. Thing is, President Shinra is supposed to serve as a contrast to his son, Rufus, who is cartoonishly evil, and tells Cloud his father's "old way" of gaining favor and power with money will be supplanted by his way: Fear.

This new season of Riverdale is weird. | Square Enix

The War with Wutai seems to be a bigger plot point: It's easy to forget Final Fantasy 7's storyline picks up not too long after Shinra has conquered the world. Wutai was one of the last hold-outs until Shinra finally overtook the warrior nation and turned them into a tourist attraction, much to Yuffie's rage. In the new trailer, President Shinra makes the curious suggestion that AVALANCHE might be allies with Wutai, "our sworn enemies." Barret is clearly baffled by the President's words, and so am I. This might have something to do with Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, particularly Crisis Core, which does have a big focus around the war with Wutai. Moreover, Sephiroth made a name for himself during the war with Wutai, so there's a chance Square Enix is doing a little retconning in hopes of showing off more of its silver-haired Golden Boy.

Frog Cloud has a tiny sword: It will be the death of me.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. We'll continue to keep you up to date with everything cool about the game. Make sure to visit our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide, which is always being updated.

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