Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Gets a Surprise Remaster for Switch and PS4

With online co-op to boot.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting a surprise remaster for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2019. One of the key new features is online multiplayer which should alleviate the somewhat complex multiplayer system from the original GameCube version.

Crystal Chronicles originally came out in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube and featured a unique co-op system where players who wanted to play together had to hook up a GameBoy Advance to the GameCube using a link cable. This way, one player was able to play on the GameCube, and everyone else would control their characters through their GameBoys.

The multiplayer supported up to four players using this link cable system, but was quite the endeavor to set up if you wanted to play co-op with a full party as each player required a link cable and GameBoy system.

The Crystal Chronicles remaster will support a more traditional online co-op judging by the preview trailer. So, players who only managed to play Crystal Chronicles solo, or with another player can maybe get a chance to experience it in its full glory.

No word on release date, but you can check out Square Enix's trailer above. We might also see more details come from Tokyo Game Show later this month.

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