Final Fantasy IV Let's Play Highlights: Golbez Twirling His Mustache

Final Fantasy IV Let's Play Highlights: Golbez Twirling His Mustache

Our heroes climb the Tower of Zott and later encounter an old friend as Kat's dramatic reading of Final Fantasy IV continues.

In the latest episode of my ongoing Final Fantasy IV Let's Play, Golbez spends a bunch of time trolling Cecil and the rest of the party before getting punched in the face. It's fun!

In the last episode, I totally forgot the Twinharp and had to go all the way back to retrieve it so I could beat Dark Elf. Embarrassing! This time I fare a little better. You can find the relevant timestamps below.

  • Golbez welcomes the team to the Tower of Zott (12:34)

  • The Magus Sisters are so cheerful (30:38)

  • Tellah meets his destiny (41:02)

  • Valvalis of Air shows up after a long cutscene because she's a jerk (47:38)

  • A bottomless well? Seems promising (01:01:47)

  • Manbearpig sighting (01:03:53)

  • Dwarves vs. Red Wings (01:12:18)

  • Oh! The dolls! (01:16:12)

  • Rydia, you're all grown-up! (01:22:56)

Okay, I'm going to come right out and say it: I think Final Fantasy IV mostly nails its big emotional moments. Is it cheesy as all hell? Yes! But Tellah throwing everything he's got at Golbez in a futile attempt to avenge is daughter works on a fundamental emotional level. He's been with you most of the game, you've seen him at his darkest hour, and it's tragic to see him sacrifice his life just for the benefit of mildly irritating Golbez.

It also works because it has a terrific cast. Kain and Cecil are the ying and the yang of the group; Tellah is a stubborn old man out for revenge, and Rydia manages to go through an entire coming of age arc in the space of roughly two hours. Only Rosa really suffers due to being either kidnapped or unconscious for most of the game, and even she proves that she can more than take care of herself when she rescues the group from the Tower of Zott.

So what I guess I'm saying is: Yep, Final Fantasy IV definitely holds up, melodrama and all.

Enjoying the Let's Play? I'll be back later today for Episode 5! Mark your calendars!

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