Final Fantasy IX is Re-releasing on PlayStation 4 - UPDATE: Out Now!

Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy IX to the PS4, and it's out now!

Final Fantasy IX is coming to the PS4. Revealed on September 19 at Sony's Tokyo Games Show 2017 presentation, Final Fantasy IX on PS4 is available now on the PlayStation Store in in all regions.

On PS4 Final Fantasy IX includes trophies, game boosters such as high speed and no encounter modes autosave and high-definition visuals.

Final Fantasy IX originally released on the PlayStation back in 2000, and you can actually play it right now on your mobile smartphone, via both Android and iOS operating systems, provided your phone is good enough.

Final Fantasy IX is currently on offer on the PlayStation Store, priced $16.79 until September 26. After that the game will be priced $20.99.

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