Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Beginner Tips and Tricks

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Beginner Tips and Tricks

Get started on your journey through Orience with these Type-0 HD tips.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is difficult to master. Players get thrown headfirst into a war between the four nations of Orience, and will need to learn several things as they make their way through the world. With something as massive as an RPG, we thought it only fitting to cover the basics to help you get started on your journey, and return peace to these four nations.

Note: if you're not sold on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, feel free to hop over to our preview of the game. Just make sure to come back and get the tips that will help you to actually beat the game.

Choose Your Difficulty

This may seem straightforward, but it’s important to make note of when starting Type-0 HD. There are three difficulties. The first two, Cadet and Officer, are fundamentally the same. However, the third difficulty, Agito, allows enemies to reach up to 30 different levels of mastery before maxing out. This is a fixed level span, however, so players can still grind and level up beyond it to become stronger than their enemies. We strongly suggest experiencing your first play through on the Officer difficulty, as it will allow extra rewards and unlocks, without adding the varying enemy levels that Agito contains.

The reason we touch on difficulty is because of the way the game handles it. Each completed mission allows you to earn various rewards or bonuses on a harder difficulty. This makes Agito tempting, but as we as stated above, stick with Officer the first time through. Once you have things down and you’re comfortable with the mechanics, compete on the highest level.

Who is the Best Character?

The best character is the one you enjoy playing the most. Yes, statistically some characters will do better than others in areas like damage, health, magic use, and so on. That said, the type that fits your play style is usually the character you want to spend the most time with. For example: some characters like Rem – who uses a dual sword melee style -- are easier to use, while others like Ace, who is ranged and has a low amount of health, will be tougher to master. If you’re unsure of whether or not you can pull off a mission, take a look at the recommendations the developers included to see how well your character stacks up.

What are the Best Abilities?

Abilities, like characters, really come down to personal preference. Sure, there are abilities statistically better than others. However, if they don’t fit your play style you won’t do well with them. This makes finding abilities that fit your play style important. A solid start is to pick up passive and practical skills that fit your characters. Skills like Accelerate, Twinspell, Slipstream, Combo Bonus, and Untouchable are great to add to your characters early on.

Understanding the S.O. System

This system allows you to receive additional mission objectives—things like finding a certain amount of collectibles within two minutes – inside of other missions. Basically it introduces a whole new set of side quests other than the original tasks in the game.

To activate the S.O. System, you’ll need to wait until you unlock the first town, then head to the Sorcery via the Great Portal. From here you can activate the S.O. System by speaking with the Grandsorcerer. Once it is enabled, you’ll receive messages during missions. Be wary of which S.O. missions you accept, as failure to complete them will result in death. Because of this danger, we highly recommend finishing S.O. missions that arrive via Red Envelope, as these are considered story related and will reward you with a nice bonus upon completion.

Maximize your Stay

The last thing we want to cover involves maximizing your time in town. Between missions you’ll receive a bit of time to do whatever you want. Keep in mind that when completing events (the green exclamation points), time will accelerate and move forward. Usually there will be more than you have time for, so we set aside a short list to help prioritize your in-between mission visits.

  • Classroom – Hit up the classroom first to check if there are lectures you can attend, as these will reward you with stat or experience boosts.
  • Chocobo Ranch – Your next stop should be the Chocobo Ranch. We highly recommend visiting it every six hours or so to breed Chocobos. This gives you more Chocobos to explore with, as well as progress towards hitting that sweet platinum level.
  • Expert Missions – You should work to complete these missions as early as possible to unlock additional towns and a trophy. These are very important to hit up early on.

Finally, entering and exploring the town is not a requirement to complete the story featured within Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and if you choose, you can save Orience without exploring or taking part in the town events.

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