Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Understanding Eidolons and When to Summon Them

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Understanding Eidolons and When to Summon Them

How Eidolons work, and when you should use them in battle.

Eidolons are powerful allies when playing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Whether you freely summon them in battle or fall back on them for story-related moments, they can be the difference between success and defeat. It is important, however, to keep in mind that these massive and powerful allies should only be used when you really need them.

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Calling Your Ally

Each time you call an Eidolon into battle, the character who summoned it gets sacrificed. This is an important piece of information to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you should call for help, since casualties ensued by summoning an Eidolon go on your Report Card at the end of a mission, and can prevent you from earning an S Rank on all of the missions. There are times, like Chapter 1 and even Chapter 5 where the summoning of Eidolons is not your choice, and is actually a part of the story. The Eidolons used for the two chapters mentioned are only allowed to be used during those missions, and cannot be summoned freely by players. In addition, players will need to unlock each Eidolon before it can be accessed in the Promotion Menu, or intentionally summoned into battle.

Playing by the Rules

If you use Eidolons, there are quite a few rules to keep in mind. First, don’t forget that the character who summons it will sacrifice him or herself and die. This, of course, can be changed if the character has a Reraise effect, at which point the KO will get reversed, but will still appear on the Report Card at the end of the mission. Second, Eidolons have a limited amount of time on the battlefield once they have been summoned. This means they won’t stick around forever, but they can be summoned multiple times throughout a mission. Size is also a factor, as an Eidolon cannot be summoned into an area that isn’t large enough for it to fight within. This of course will depend on the type of Eidolon you use, so it may vary from time to time.

If somehow an Eidolon gets defeated in battle, it cannot be summoned for the remainder of the mission. If you summon it, make sure to keep it alive until the timer runs out or it fulfills its purpose. That way, you can call upon it again later on in the mission. You may also switch out your Party Leader after you summon an Eidolon, and it will follow along as any other allied character does. On top of that, the Vulcan and Orgre Eidolons both have the Automaton ability, and therefore cannot be controlled by the player. Be sure to switch back to a playable character after summoning them.

Eidolon Types

There are six distinct classes of Eidolons featured in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and each type is then broken down into different beings. These types also feature different strengths, weaknesses, and specializations.


The Ifrit class specializes in the use of fire-based attacks, and is capable of inflicting Burn. It also has access to the Flameproof ability, and once unlocked will grant the Eidolon immunity to all fire-based damage. They are relatively slow moving beings, but they feature several attacks that allow them to rush their opponents.

The Ifrit-class is made up of Ifrit, Firebrand, Rubicante, Vulcan, Calamity and Ignis.


The Golem-class are the tanks of the Eidolon family. Featuring high max HP, Defense, and even resistance stats, these beings also have access to a special ability that makes them temporarily invincible. This invulnerability comes at a cost, as these Eidolons move slowly.

The Golem-class features Golem, Gigas, Troll, Ogre, Titan, and Dwarf Golem.


The Shiva-class Eidolons are skilled fighters who use ice-based damage. With the proper timing, these skilled beings chain together attacks for extended amounts of combos. These are some of the faster Eidolons, but their increased movement speed makes them harder to control.

Shiva, Shankara, and Petite Shiva make up the Shiva-class.


This class of Eidolon is best known for the powerful attacks it unleashes, which have the potential to kill enemies in one hit. These Eidolons also feature four command abilities that allow them to deal massive amounts of damage to surviving targets.

The Odin-class is made up of Odin, Grímnir, and the Chapter 1 variant of Odin.


Featuring low max HP as well as Defense, these attack focused Eidolons boast fantastic mobility and high damage outputs. They are also unique because of their multiple command abilities, which are also capable of damaging allied characters. Each Eidolon in this class features an enhanced version of the Mobile Strike skill that allows them to drain HP from enemies.

This class of unique Eidolons is made up of Diabolos, Baalberith, and Astaroth.


The final class type of Eidolon, Bahamut, feature low mobility and Defense, but make up for their lack of high base stats with powerful abilities that make them extremely helpful allies in any fight. They are extremely reliable, and offer help in a variety of different battle situations, however their short summon durations make them tough to use, and a risk to take onto the battlefield.

This class of Eidolon is made up of Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Bahamut ZERO.

Each class of Eidolon has a different use depending on your playstyle. The most versatile of these powerful allies is the Odin-class, which features extremely powerful attacks, as well as the highest amount of command abilities to allow you maximum efficiency on the battlefield.

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