Final Fantasy XIV Inspires Japanese Drama, Daddy of Light

From game, to blog, to television show.

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Tokyo Broadcasting System and Mainichi Broadcasting System have announced a new live-action drama based on Final Fantasy XIV. The full name of the show is Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan, which roughly translates to Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light. Japanese creators have unfortunately given it the English subtitle of "Daddy of Light".

Actors Yudai Chiba and Ren Osugi, as son and father.

The show is adaptation of a true story related on a Japanese blog of the same title. The blog involves the story of a son with a strained relationship and lack of communication with his father. The son gives his gamer dad a copy of Final Fantasy XIV for PlayStation 4 and some game time cards as a gift. As the father gets into the game, the son joins him online, helping him through FFXIV without revealing his true identity. The son wrote the blog, detailing his experiences with his unknowing dad.

The Father of Light blog ran for 32 entries, starting in August 2014 and ending early last year. The blog itself was turned into a book from Kodansha, which is what likely led to to this television adaptation. A similar story led to the popular Densha Otoko (Train Man) drama and film, which involved a 23-year old otaku sharing the story of his growing relationship with a woman on the Japanese 2Chan forums.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light stars former Tensou Sentai Goseiger Red Ranger Yudai Chiba as the son. (What? I like tokusatsu.) Ren Osugi, a veteran actor and frequent collaborator with Takeshi Kitano, will be playing the father. The show will use live-action scenes and moments from the game itself to tell its story. Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light is scheduled to begin in April.

A screenshot from the blog itself.

Here's a tweet announcing the show's casting from the author of the blog, who goes by Maidy online.

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  • Avatar for Arrowned #1 Arrowned A year ago
    Loaded the article page, saw the image, and was all "IS THAT GOSEIRED?!" Confirmation further down. Should've known Mike knew what's up.

    But in all seriousness, this looks like a cute story, and as an active FFXIV player, it really speaks to me. Will definitely have to check it out when it starts airing.
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  • Avatar for Nuclear-Vomit #2 Nuclear-Vomit A year ago
    My dad played Renegade on the NES with me and my two brothers. That was the coolest he's ever been and its been down hill from there.

    He never picked up a controller since. Must be traumatized by getting ass-whupped, but honestly, who wouldn't get trounced? Game is cheap as hell.
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  • Avatar for Dorchadas #3 Dorchadas A year ago
    I loved Densha Otoko when I saw the drama a decade ago. This looks like it might be a good followup.

    It also makes me wonder if I could get my father on Steam so we could play together.
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