Final Fantasy XIV Server Transfers Free for 5 Days

The FFXIV team has outlined the plan for the upcoming World Transfer program.

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If you've been playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn since it launched, chances are you ran into some of the server issues the game was encountering.

The vast majority of these appear to have been resolved now, and playing the game is a very stable, smooth experience. There's one problem, though: character creation restrictions during the launch window meant that a significant number of people were forced into starting play on a server that was different to the one their friends were on. While the Duty Finder facility in the game allows players from different servers to team up and take on the game's cooperative content, there's presently no easy means of communicating or partnering up with a specific person from another World.

You too will soon be able to loom imposingly over a friend you haven't been able to play with until now.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida is aware that this particular issue has been a source of considerable frustration for players who want to play alongside their real-world friends, and has apologized for it numerous times. Now, Yoshida has outlined the plan for the impending World Transfer Service, and announced that as an apology to players for the aforementioned issues, the normally paid service will be available for free for five days from its launch. As for the launch date, there isn't one as yet, but it sounds like we should be able to expect it within a month or two, in line with Square Enix adding additional server infrastructure to ease the strain further.

The World Transfer service will allow you to move a character from one World to another. If you're moving to a single destination, you'll be able to move up to eight characters at once; moving characters to more than one destination World will require individual transactions.

There are a few limitations on the World Transfer service. You'll have to leave your Free Company (guild) -- understandable, since it probably doesn't exist on the destination world -- and ensure you're not selling any items on the market boards. Most notably, though, there's a restriction on the amount of gil you'll be able to bring from one World to another. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, to prevent the transfer of gil acquired through real-money transactions (i.e. gold farmers) and secondly to help protect the economic stability of each World. Yoshida hasn't said what the limit will be, but has noted that if you exceed said limit when transferring, the excess will simply be lost. As further protection to the economy, it will also not initially be possible to transfer from Legacy Worlds (i.e. those designed primarily for FFXIV Version 1.0 characters to play on) to non-Legacy Worlds; this feature will likely be implemented once the impact on the various Worlds' respective economies has been determined

Yoshida also warns that once the service begins, there may be a considerable amount of congestion, both on login servers and for the transfer process itself. It may be a couple of days until you're able to log in with your character in their new home, but Yoshida notes that this is a "worst case scenario."

You can find full details of the upcoming program in this post.

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  • Avatar for benjaminlu86 #1 benjaminlu86 4 years ago
    World Transfer Service should actually start sometime within the next two weeks. It was originally scheduled for mid-September but now it's "early October".
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  • Avatar for MissDeviling #2 MissDeviling 4 years ago
    Not playing FFXIV since I'm not that into MMOs, but just came to say: damn, the official art is always stunning.
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  • Avatar for Spazgadget #3 Spazgadget 4 years ago
    @MissDeviling I am categorically not into MMO's, but you might want to give FFXIV a whirl if you have any interest in the universe. The game can largely be played by yourself, and it's at least 20 or so hours into the game when you are even encouraged to try out a multiplayer raid. They definitely introduce those mechanics slowly and calmly, so don't let fear of MMO's stop you (if that's what's stopping you, that is).
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  • Avatar for MissDeviling #4 MissDeviling 4 years ago
    @Spazgadget The multi-player aspect is part of it. I prefer single-player experiences because I like going at my own pace. The bigger factor of it though is the fact that I just can't afford MMOs in the first place. My laptop isn't powerful enough and I can't justify buying the game and paying a subscription fee on top of that. Same thing with DLC for me; I rarely spend beyond the price of the game itself because that's pretty much all I'm willing to afford.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. The game looks great, honestly. If I had the resources, I think I would have dived into ARR. Maybe when I finish university and have a stable job will I try out MMOs, if I'm not too busy/old by then.
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  • Avatar for Spazgadget #5 Spazgadget 4 years ago
    @MissDeviling Absolutely valid points, and frankly the subscription fee is something that will probably stop me from playing the game long-term. Definitely drawn to the single player experiences myself too, so I get it.
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