Final Fantasy XIV's Server Upgrades Completed

Will the revamped server structure be able to better cope with the influx of new players?

News by Pete Davison, .

Square Enix has announced that its hefty maintenance job on Final Fantasy XIV has now been completed, and explained exactly what has been done.

The primary purpose of the maintenance was to alleviate stress on the game's servers and hopefully put an end to Error 1017, the now-notorious login restriction that prevents you from even queuing up to join the game if there are too many concurrent users on a specific World. Attempts to address this issue have largely focused on the game's Duty Finder system, which previously allowed players from all Worlds to be matchmade with each other to take on instanced group content such as dungeons and boss fights.

Following the maintenance, the Duty Finder now organizes Worlds into groups and only performs matchmaking within the group that your character is based in. There are two groups per region: in Japan, the Aegis, Alexander, Atomos, Carbuncle, Chocobo, Gungnir, Ifrit, Ixion, Ramuh, Ridill, Titan, Typhon and Valefor Worlds make up one group while the other consists of Anima, Bahamut, Durandal, Fenrir, Garuda, Hades, Kujata, Mandragora, Masamune, Tiamat, Tonberry and Ultima. For the North American and European data center, meanwhile, Adamantoise, Balmung, Cactuar, Diabolos, Exodus, Goblin, Hyperion, Lamia, Malboro, Moogle, Odin, Ragnarok and Siren make up one group while the other includes the Behemoth, Cerberus, Coeurl, Excalibur, Faerie, Gilgamesh, Leviathan, Midgardsormr, Phoenix, Sargatanas, Shiva and Ultros Worlds.

"As a result of the countermeasures taken to alleviate stress on the Duty Finder servers, we expect to be able to increase the number of players able to login simultaneously," reads the announcement post. "However, if those login numbers still surpass the maximum number of possible logins in the various Worlds, please be aware that we will continue to implement login restrictions." In other words, this isn't a guarantee that things will be better -- at least not immediately. If problems persist, we can probably expect things to get a bit easier when everyone's free month of play runs out and people decide whether or not they want to carry on.

The stress relief also marks the end of restrictions on creating new characters on a number of Worlds that previously locked out new players, though measures will still be in place to ensure that Worlds do not become overpopulated. In addition, three new Worlds have been added to the existing lineup: Pandemonium in the Japan data center; Famfrit and Lich for the North America and Europe data center, with the latter being specifically marked as "Europe-recommended." The option for World transfers is not yet available; it's set for launch later this month.

Despite the fact that the maintenance is intended to alleviate the login issues and restrictions that have been plaguing the game since launch, the announcement post notes that logins will continue to be "severely restricted" for the period immediately following maintenance. It's possible that by the time you read this, said restrictions may already be lifted, but in the event that they're still in place, Square Enix notes that restrictions may last from "a few minutes to ten minutes" depending on server load, and that they will be lifted gradually as the situation is monitored by staffers who, presumably, drew the short straw.

There's no mention of an AFK kick, so presumably such a system has not been implemented as yet, despite it being a popular request from some players.

At the time of writing, I haven't had a chance to try out the newly updated servers but will give them a shot later today. Has anyone had a noticeably improved experience so far?

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  • Avatar for Baleoce #1 Baleoce 5 years ago
    So far so good. I was able to log on today first time no questions asked.
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #2 pjedavison 5 years ago
    @Baleoce Whoop! Let's hope that continues -- and for all servers.
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  • Avatar for limbeckd #3 limbeckd 5 years ago
    Ok, now I just want to know when I will be able to buy a copy. You all managed to convince me to check it out.
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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #4 GustinHardy 5 years ago
    I really hope this alleviates the issue mostly because I cannot stand the message board chatter from people. Are all MMO's full of people constantly saying game companies will go out of business if they don't add more servers?
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #5 pjedavison 5 years ago
    @limbeckd Haha. Hopefully it will be soon, once things have settled down a bit.
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #6 pjedavison 5 years ago
    @GustinHardy Short answer? Uh, yes. :)

    I wonder how much crossover there is between these people and the "NINTENDO IS DEAD" crowd.

    I AM JOKING. mostly
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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #7 GustinHardy 5 years ago
    @pjedavison I spent an entire night watching that chat window in game talk about the exact strategy SE will need to implement to make the game a success and how if they don't go F2P the entire company will collapse.
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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #8 GustinHardy 5 years ago
    Random question I should just Google. Anyone know if the patch will auto download if you have PS+? Not looking forward to sitting through the download when I get home tonight.
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #9 MHWilliams 5 years ago
    @GustinHardy It's a weird thing because while MMOs are sort of separate from other games, they're still games. And it does (and should) stick in a consumer's craw to not even have access to something they've paid for. Is it a problem? Yes. Does it need to be the end of the company? no.
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #10 pjedavison 5 years ago
    @GustinHardy I've been playing on PC, which has a dedicated launcher/patcher program, so I'm not sure, I'm afraid. If the PS3 version works in a similar fashion, that means PS+ probably won't auto-download patches, but I can't say for sure one way or the other. Anyone with PS3 experience got a definitive answer?
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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #11 GustinHardy 5 years ago
    @MHWilliams I agree. I like it when a game works on day one. And this seems very much like a repeat of Sim City's launch and that was a single player game. I guess I have more faith when there is constant communication about an issue being looked into/fixed which is something I'm guessing people get with MMO's rather than with single player games where they remain broken for months at a time *cough* Skyrim on PS3 *cough*
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  • Avatar for limbeckd #12 limbeckd 5 years ago
    @GustinHardy Well, if an MMO wants (more of) your money (they do), they have to fix the problems. If you buy SimCity/Skyrim and it's broken, EA/Bethesda already has your money.
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #13 pjedavison 5 years ago
    UPDATE for those interested: I logged in flawlessly today. Members of the Free Company I'm involved with all logged in without issue, too -- and many successfully got in around peak time. Looks like -- hopefully, anyway -- the major problems are behind us. Hurrah!

    Review coming very soon, but you probably all already know I like this game a lot.
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  • Avatar for overniven #14 overniven 5 years ago
    I really want to give this game a try, but I'll make sure that things have settled down a bit first.
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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #15 GustinHardy 5 years ago
    Last night was the first time I experienced major errors in the game. Got booted out of my Lvl 20 Arcanist duty then couldn't get back in for over an hour. Not a fun night. Though earlier did randomly get in the second dungeon after only queuing for about 5 minutes.
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  • Avatar for aett #16 aett 5 years ago
    I tried to log in during peak hours yesterday evening, just to see if I could. I got in immediately, which was amazing. I tried again several minutes later and got the 1017 error, but when I tried a third time shortly after, I got back in (I was the first person in the queue) and didn't have any other problems for the rest of the night.
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