Final Fantasy XV and The Sims 4 Team Up for Another Bonkers Costume Crossover

Final Fantasy XV and The Sims 4 Team Up for Another Bonkers Costume Crossover

If you take on a mission to save the world, at least be weird about it.

The parade of weird crossover DLC for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition marches on. Just as we settled back down to Earth after hearing the news about Noctis dressing up like Half-Life's Gordon Freeman, Square-Enix recently revealed Final Fantasy XV is getting costumes from The Sims 4.

In more technical terms, Fantasy XV and The Sims 4 are doing a WooHoo. The result is a costume pack containing a Llama Suit and a Plumbob (that little green deelie that shows up over Sims' heads).

As with the Half-Life costume, you can wear your Llama Suit in the single-player game or in Final Fantasy XV's Comrades DLC. Unlike the Half-Life costume, the Llama Suit and Plumbob are only available if you buy Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on EA's digital distribution platform, Origin, before May 1.

"I demand to be taken seriously."

Ah. Hm. A choice between getting an HEV suit, crowbar, and cool glasses or getting a skin-tight llama costume. That's, uh, a tough call. Though to be honest, I expect nothing in the history of comedy will top Cindy asking "Now, which one of you is the Prince?" and seeing Noctis rise from the back seat of the Regalia in full spandex llama cosplay.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition arrives on March 6, and you can sample a demo if you're still on the fence about all this Half-Life llama business.

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