Final Fantasy XV Cookbook Lets You Whip up the Game's Most Succulent Dishes

Final Fantasy XV Cookbook Lets You Whip up the Game's Most Succulent Dishes

Now you can be a roadside cooking master with Ignis' best recip-eehs!

Final Fantasy XV wound up being one of my favorite games of 2016, but I won't argue parts of it feel unfinished.

One element of the adventure that isn't half-assed by far, however, is the cooking. Smoked Behemoth chops, Roc of Ravatogh Rice, Crispy Zu Skewers … I haven't drooled so freely over fantasy food since reading Redwall books as a kid.

I'm not the only one whose head was turned by Ignis' campfire cooking wizardry. A group of hungry Final Fantasy XV fans put their heads together and drew up a cookbook inspired by the bespectacled cook's best works. The cookbook is called "That's It!", which is the inspired shout Ignis lets loose when he sees a piece of paper on the wall or finds something vaguely eatable on the ground.

Yeah, hi. gimme about ... ten.

That's It! is a free .pdf file that anyone can view and distribute. Its layout is clean, its instructions are easy to follow, and every recipe is garnished with a high-resolution image of the food in question and a relevant quote (e.g. "Woohoo! We're alive! Let's celebrate by eating something dead!" for the Smoked Behemoth step-by-step). Check out the official "Cooking With Iggy" Twitter account for more information about the project.

If you decide to cook up some Fantasy dishes, keep in mind that certain ingredient substitutions are acceptable. If you can't stalk and kill your own Midgarsormr, store-bought is fine.

Or, y'know, just use chicken thighs.

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