Final Fantasy XV Is Entering the World of Third-Person Shooters in Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV Is Entering the World of Third-Person Shooters in Episode Prompto

There looks to be little RPG-ness in this upcoming DLC.

Episode Prompto, the latest installment of Final Fantasy XV's story-focused DLC, is well on its way. The DLC nugget will be released next week, but players won't be going in completely blind, because Square Enix today released a new trailer for the offering.

And boy, does it look different.

Episode Prompto, as Episode Gladiolus once did, has you playing as someone other than Noctis, who you spend the adventure of Final Fantasy XV as. Prompto, your new playable hero, has a pretty significant gameplay difference from his combatants: he operates more like a typical third-person shooter character, with a host of guns (including a bazooka) in his arsenal. Episode Prompto shows our blonde boy stealth taking down soldiers, firing guns at enemies, and driving a snowmobile down a wintery hill. And, of course, taking selfies all along the way.

The game's last DLC, Episode Gladiolus, was a light and breezy adventure starring the gruff Gladio. When Kat played it, she insisted the entry was for hardcore Final Fantasy XV fans only—because there wasn't much there in the quick quest.

Episode Prompto looks like it's showing the more dramatic, intense side of the usually comedic side character. With the gameplay shift to primarily guns, and even some stealth and over dramatic flair, the DLC entry is giving off light vibes to a completely separate franchise from the one it lies in: Metal Gear Solid. Of course, the new trailer for Episode Prompto gives brief glimpses into some of the giant monsters you'll be battling, so it's not all fantastical realism.

Episode Prompto will be out next week, June 27, worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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