Final Fantasy 14's Behemoth Coming to Monster Hunter World in August

Size of this lad. Absolute Yuna-it.

News by Hirun Cryer, .

As if there weren't already big enough creatures in Monster Hunter World. Capcom has today announced that the Behemoth from Final Fantasy 14 will be coming to Monster Hunter World next month.

As the announcement tweet from the official Monster Hunter Twitter account reveals below, the Behemoth will stomp over Monster Hunter players on August 1, at 5pm PST/8 pm EST. "The visitor arrives from the land of Eorzea," the announcement reads.

The action starts off in the Wildspire Waste area of Monster Hunter World in the trailer above, before heading over to the Elder's Recess, the typical "endgame" area. It looks like there'll be a new Gunlance and Insect Glaive at the very least, as well as a full brand new set of armor for male and female hunters.

We can also see Chocobos and Cactaurs in the teaser trailer for the Behemoth event. Could our Palico be dressing up as a Chocobo in the near future? We can also see a Kulu-Ya-Ku picking up a special crystal and using it as a weapon, as if those monsters weren't annoying enough already.

Just recently, Monster Hunter World PC was given an August 9 release date, which is shortly after this Behemoth event goes live. Check out our Monster Hunter World PC guide for all the minimum spec requirements you'll need come August. If you need any tips to beat the new beast, head over to our Monster Hunter World Behemoth guide.

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