Finji's Overland Exits Early Access and Comes to Consoles in September

Finji's Overland Exits Early Access and Comes to Consoles in September

You only have a few more weeks to survive without it.

It won't be long until everyone gets a shot at road tripping through the post-apocalypse in the complete version of Finji's Overland. The game will hit the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (for PC, Mac, and Linux users) on September 19.

Overland was on in "first access" for a few years, so some players have had a taste of the game's turn-based survival tactics gameplay for a while now. This official launch will be the first time that players have been able to get their hands on console versions of the game outside of industry events (heck, it was only announced for the Switch in March as part of a Nindies Showcase).

Combining a heavy pinch of XCOM inspiration with eerie and (mostly) abandoned American roadside locales, Overland tasks players with managing a band of survivors and their ever-dwindling resources on a cross-country trek. The levels and survivors you'll encounter along the way are randomly generated, and it seems like the game will go easy on its The Road-esque bleakness at times; playing on the Switch at GDC 2019, USgamer's Caty McCarthy encountered a survivor whose bio said his uncle works for Nintendo.

Finji, which has also published such games as Night in the Woods, TUNIC, and 2D-puzzler Wilmot's Warehouse (out today), has said that Overland will come to iOS via Apple Arcade in Fall of this year. We'll have more to say about Overland closer to launch, after the game has found its way across the perilous wastes of early September.

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