Opinion: Fire Emblem Heroes Brings With It All the Familiar Excesses of Free-to-Play

Stamina? Gashapon? Oh boy!

Opinion by Kat Bailey, .

I was recently having dinner with a mobile developer who swore that Nintendo had really screwed up Super Mario Run. "It was so arrogant of them to put up a $10 paywall," he asserted.

I wasn't really sure what the anger was all about, save for the fact that $10 seemed a bit high. But in the mobile space, where free-to-play is the norm, it's jarring, nevermind the game's relative merits. Free-to-play, on the other hands has become so culturally ingrained that everyone has just kind of come to accept it, regardless of the fact that it frequently entices people to spend much more money on much worse experiences.

Nintendo appears to have internalized that lesson with Fire Emblem Heroes—the new mobile game released yesterday. It is their most conventional mobile effort to date, embracing many of the space's conventional tropes. All of the familiar mechanics are there: random hero acquisition, various currencies, and worst of all, stamina. Fricking stamina.

It was the time-based stamina bar that really made me narrow my eyes. There's nothing I hate more than when a game I'm enjoying arbitrarily tells me to insert a coin to continue. It brings to mind the old excesses of the arcade scene, when developers would specifically design their games around ensuring that players spent a certain amount of money per session, invariably tightening the noose when you got to a certain point in the game. It was cheap and irritating then, and even more annoying now.

On the face of it, it doesn't seem too bad. An hour of play was enough to drain about 35 stamina points out of 50, which was about when I wanted to stop anyway. But given time, stamina will almost certainly become an issue, not the least because it costs 5 stamina just to unlock a new skill.

Beyond the stamina costs, the developer's intentions are made clear by the fact that the entire game is built around unlocking new heroes by spending orbs—in-game currency that can be earned (slowly) by completing missions or purchased in bulk in the store. Seventy-five dollars will net you 140 orbs and all the heroes your heart desires... though not necessarily the ones you want (the randomization is meant to keep you plugging orbs so that you get your preferred hero). The message of Fire Emblem Heroes is obvious: "Come hither whales!"

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That Intelligent Systems and Nintendo have opted to go in this direction is disappointing, but hardly surprising. The siren song of microtransactions is a powerful one in this industry, and plenty of developers have happily sacrificed their integrity en route to vast riches. Talk to any GTA fan and watch them foam at the month at Rockstar's decision to ignore story-based DLC In face of the heavily microtransaction-driven GTA Online.

But it's always disappointing when they infect a classic franchise like Fire Emblem, compromising the design to the point that it's unrecognizable. Fire Emblem might have fit nicely on mobile as a fairly traditional tactics game at a set price; instead, it comes off as a bit of grind-heavy fluff. Worse, it can't be played offline, meaning that playing it on, say, a plane, is completely out of the question.

Granted, it's still a turn-based tactics game, and it still uses elements like the rock-paper-scissors weapons triangle. The maps even have some variety to them, forcing you to take into account the terrain in how you deploy your party. But compared to the more traditional entries, the maps are tiny, being only big enough to accomodate four characters per side. This is so Fire Emblem is better-suited to mobile screens, but also so that the maps can be completed quickly, which helps an addiction loop to set in. And it works! I was pulled in despite myself, mindlessly grinding through maps so that I could get orbs and plug them into the gashapon machine.

Fire Emblem Heroes cleverly deploys a cute art style; small but addictive maps, and tons of fan service in a way that is bound to ensnare even hardened fans. It's even grabbed me to some extent. It's staying on my phone in part because it is fairly relaxing to play, and because I've been able to ignore the microtransactions to this point. The second that Fire Emblem Heroes starts pressing me for money, though, its gone. I reckon that will be the first time that I exhaust the stamina gauge.

I imagine plenty of people will tell me, "Relax, Kat. It's not that bad. You can totally enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes without spending money," and maybe that's true. But microtransactions have a way of compromising a game's fundamental mechanics, and you can see it in the way that Fire Emblem Heroes does things like force you to use stamina to improve your characters. The worst games, like Candy Crush, are mere cash machines in which any control over your destiny is an illusion. Fire Emblem Heroes isn't nearly that bad, but its cheerful embrace of the traditional free-to-play model makes me shake my head.

If this is where Nintendo intends to go with their mobile games, then it's a shame. Fire Emblem Heroes is fun in its own way, but it's not much more than a sugar rush—a mostly mindless bit of fanservice. A part of me had hoped that they would ignore the temptation of microtransaction-based models and just focus on putting out really good games. But as it stands, it seems they are content to go with the crowd. Nintendo may make a lot money by using their IPs in this way; but in the long run, they risk losing what made them so beloved in the first place.

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  • Avatar for nadiaoxford #1 nadiaoxford A year ago
    Nintendo tried going "pay up front" (or whatever you want to call it) with Super Mario Run. It didn't work. Worse, it seemed to piss everyone off because nobody wants to pay $10 for a mobile game, regardless of how well-built it is. Meanwhile, Pokemon GO is still making crazy bank, and I predict Fire Emblem Heroes will make a skillion dollars, too. After all, FF Record Keeper and Brave Exvius are still raking it in.

    I don't see how the existence of free-to-play installments of established franchises will hurt said franchises in the long-run, either. Nintendo seems to understand that mobile is much different from its own hardware, and should be treated accordingly. Pokemon GO* and Pokemon Sun and Moon are very different, but they benefit off each others' existence. Super Mario Run and Super Mario Odyssey are clearly worlds apart, too. I can personally say that Fire Emblem Heroes has lit a fire under my butt, and I really want to get around to playing Fates now.

    *I know Nintendo didn't develop GO, but it probably wasn't totally hands-off either.
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  • Avatar for Kat.Bailey #2 Kat.Bailey A year ago

    1. First point speaks to how broken the mobile model is.

    2. I'm sure their normal games will be fine. But Nintendo had a chance to do better on mobile, and they showed that they're no different than anyone else. The free-to-play model they chose is inherently problematic. It dismays me that they went in that direction at all.
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  • Avatar for retr0gamer #3 retr0gamer A year ago
    You forgot to mention another familiar excess of mobile games, god awful amateur hour Adobe illustrator art. God this game is fugly.
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  • Avatar for FTLMantis #4 FTLMantis A year ago
    I think this more or less matches my feelings as well. The game isn't a disaster, but it does leave me a little disappointed. I like Nintendo because they do things differently and mix old and new ideas into their own awesome blend. This game is a reskin of the any of the dozens of other F2P games on the market, and just doesn't match the level of innovation I expect from them. I'm going to blame DeNa for this one and hope that their future products are better, because I'm really not impressed with this.

    I do like the callbacks to classic maps from the series though. It's cool how they manage to condense the ideas behind maps from the full games into the smaller spaces here. If only we were given even a tenth of the strategic choices in how to approach them.
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  • Avatar for nadiaoxford #5 nadiaoxford A year ago
    @Kat.Bailey Oh, the mobile market is definitely broken. Won't argue that. And Nintendo clearly lacks the power to change it. But if they have to make fan service-y games on the side to help fund their console endeavors and stay relevant (especially in Eastern markets), I far prefer it over potential oblivion. As long as the console stuff is high-quality, I have no quarrel with the mobile games.

    (And after years and years of reviewing mobile games, I can confidently say at least 90% of the FTP games on the market will rip you off much more thoroughly than FE Heroes. It's not ideal, no, but it's clearly a compromise that has to exist.)
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  • Avatar for Nuclear-Vomit #6 Nuclear-Vomit A year ago
    I'm enjoying this game as of now. That goofy song at the beginning is just wonderful! I laughed out loud. Plus, the game doesn't take itself too seriously. I'm not too found of the randomization summons, however. Somehow, I just summoned a 5 gold star Lyn on first try and she's carrying the team. After that, I decided not to press my luck and save some orbs.

    But Nintendo, if you really want my money I will pay you real $$$ if I can unlock Lute, and if she would a totally bad-ass just like in the Sacred Stones. With my girl, Lute, by my side, I, NuclearVomit will be unstoppable.
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  • Avatar for Kat.Bailey #7 Kat.Bailey A year ago
    @nadiaoxford Does it? We're conditioned to accept it, but that doesn't make it acceptable. I also respectfully disagree that the alternative is oblivion. You can still fund games without fundamentally compromising them
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  • Avatar for camchow #8 camchow A year ago
    Yeah typical mobile FTP RPG. At the very least the gameplay is fun especially in short bursts. I never play a mobile game expecting to sit on the couch for hours at a time with it.

    My only real complaint is that there is no way to get the heroes you want. I'd kill for a Hearthstone like option where you could grind up heroes you don't care about into dust and use that to buy the exact character you want, even if it's locked at 3 stars.
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  • Avatar for Kat.Bailey #9 Kat.Bailey A year ago
    @camchow Yeah, I'm surprised you can't dust clones
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  • Avatar for Outrider #10 Outrider A year ago
    @camchow Along those lines, I really don't like the idea of getting repeat heroes. I don't mind having to go to the slot machine to win a hero, but once I've already gotten that hero, I think it's pretty crappy to allow you to draw the same hero.
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  • Avatar for nadiaoxford #11 nadiaoxford A year ago
  • Avatar for Jairo-MC #12 Jairo-MC A year ago
    I agree with@nadiaoxford on this one. The FTP model isn't ideal, but I think that Nintendo will get a lot more positive buzz with it than going with a "pay up front" model.
    Mobile is a very different beast and Nintendo understands that now. I don't mind much the model, since I rarely play on mobile (I have a New 3DS, PSVita, PSP, DS and GBA for my portable needs) and it never gets on my nerves.
    I'm enjoying Fire Emblem Heroes in small bursts and I think it'll be more successfull than Super Mario Run because of the FTP model.
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  • Avatar for Hoolo #13 Hoolo A year ago
    People seem to be forgetting this is not actually the first F2P title Nintendo has put on smartphones. Not Super Mario Run (with its 1x-only paywall), not Miitomo (that's not even a game), but Pokémon Shuffle. Sure, that means Fire Emblem Heroes is the first blatantly Nintendo F2P game on smartphones, but it's definitely not the first. And Pokémon Shuffle is much worse about its F2P aspect, too.

    And when we're going outside the smartphone-sphere, what do we find? More F2P Nintendo games! It's Pokémon Shuffle again on 3DS, and Pokémon Picross, also on 3DS. If you want to make a case for Mini Mario & Friends being F2P because you need Amiibo to even play the gorram game, sure, let's put it under that nomenclature as well. And if you want to add Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival and its Amiibo cards to that list, hoo boy.
    ...and I would almost forget the potential money sink that is Nintendo Badge Arcade. Ugh.

    I bring these games up because Nintendo may not be challenging the mobile status quo, but it's also not being egregiously bad about it. Pokémon Shuffle, that gets pretty bad. Nintendo Badge Arcade, that's just vicious. Fire Emblem Heroes? I can handle Heroes. I feel much the same about it as I used to with Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which I only quit because I couldn't keep up with getting all the rewards in the weekly events, and because I started scheduling every minute in my day around not getting max stamina. I don't see Fire Emblem Heroes doing that just yet. The special stages loop back every two weeks or so, and there's much less impetus to try and rush things.

    My counteropinion is this: Fire Emblem Heroes is succeeding on two important fronts. First off, I think Nintendo could have a miniature Pokémon Go-effect on Fire Emblem sales. I've been interested in Fire Emblem for a while now, but never made the jump. A combination of circumstances had me never pick up a game, but a free game on mobile is making me get into these tactical fights. I would probably get a Fire Emblem game now if the price is right. Guessing I'm not the only one to feel that way.
    Secondly, there's the investors. As we're all probably aware of at this point, investors like nothing better than F2P Gacha-style games. Those continue to generate revenue even after the initial launch window. Pokémon Go is still generating pretty stable revenue, I'd guess, as opposed to Super Mario Run, which has the initial launch window, and that's it. Whales in gacha games, they're there for a long time, and for a hefty investment. I suppose that's a third success Heroes has, generating more-or-less constant revenue.

    Could it be better? Sure, there's a bunch of things I'd like to see, and the earlier comments have some mechanics that would make it better? Could it be worse?

    It absolutely could be worse. It could be so much worse it's not even funny.
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  • Avatar for Namevah #14 Namevah A year ago
    @retr0gamer Ugly? I find them adorable. The designs remind me so much of Theathrythm Final Fantasy.

    I can't say that I degree with most of Kat's criticisms. Gacha mechanics are nefarious, and I'd absolutely pay a one-time fee to remove them if given that option, but I'm still enjoying FE Heroes. It's a nice change to run through a handful of maps instead of spending hours on a single map, as per regular FE games. The Gacha mechanics don't feel like a hindrance on my entertainment. Such a payment model shouldn't exist, but it doesn't bother me anywhere as much as the internet wants me to.
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  • Avatar for mappyland #15 mappyland A year ago
    I can relate to the frustration in this piece, but it is unclear to me how Nintendo could manage to take up the standard against gachapon mobage practices while also seeking solvency after the enormous fumble of the Wii U, especially insofar as people seemed to loathe Super Mario Run's "shareware" approach. If the Switch isn't a Wii-level success, something besides the 3DS needs to actually make money.

    (In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a rank 500 Puzzle & Dragons player, and so am clearly not spiritually opposed to gachapon game design.)
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  • Avatar for Totalninja #16 Totalninja A year ago
    Stamina is most definitely an issue. Towards the end of story mode, on normal, battles start to cost 11 stamina or more. Which means you can only play four of them, which takes 3-5 minutes each, then you have to wait four hours for it all to recharge. I don't play mobile games very often, but I feel like that needs to be retooled.

    On the other hand, the game has been very generous about giving me good heroes. I've got a team I'm happy with after just a few rounds of summoning, so I can't imagine having to spend money on this game unless you're looking for a specific hero.Edited February 2017 by Totalninja
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  • Avatar for Linked-to-the-Past #17 Linked-to-the-Past A year ago
    Deleted November 2017 by Linked-to-the-Past
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #18 Roto13 A year ago
    Typical free-to-play game with stamina gradually raises the stamina cost of actions as the game goes on, making you either spend money or plan your day around when you'll have stamina to get something done. It wasn't an issue when I started last night, but now I'm on chapter 6 (of I think 9) and a mission costs 6 stamina on normal difficulty, which takes half an hour to refill. IT's much higher on higher difficulties. I also don't see how to earn a reasonable number of orbs after you clear the story and I guess the different difficulty levels, though tbh I'm not sure if those give orbs.

    I'm having fun playing it so far. I think the Fire Emblem Lite gameplay is great. But I knew going in that it would eventually turn to bullshit like other character-collecting games I've played. Specifically Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Marvel Future Fight, both games that prey on nostalgia as much as this one, if not more. I've learned to recognize when games like this reach the point where they're just draining your time and energy so they can get to your wallet, and I'll be quitting when that happens. I won't spend money on microtransactions, but I would gladly have paid $10 or more for a small, simple Fire Emblem spinoff without them.

    It's sad, but Fire Emblem is where Nintendo embraced releasing tons of tiny pieces of DLC (some of which are effectively multi-use "boosters" for EXP and gold) and a handful of fanwank character designs (as well as DLC swimsuit pictures). If they were going to cheapen the integrity of any of their IPs with their mobile games, it was going to be this one.
    @Samustroid "Deal with it" and "It's all we've got" are not particularly strong defenses of a predatory model. If you want quick and simple games you can play anywhere that don't treat you like a mark, get a handheld.Edited February 2017 by Roto13
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  • Avatar for Namevah #19 Namevah A year ago
    @Roto13 "I also don't see how to earn a reasonable number of orbs after you clear the story and I guess the different difficulty levels, though tbh I'm not sure if those give orbs."

    The higher difficulty levels reward players with a single Orb, just like the regular difficulty. Checking-in daily grants two Orbs, but I'm pretty sure I read that it's temporary. If that's true, then there'll definitely be a point where it's impossible to get more Orbs without paying.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #20 MetManMas A year ago
    I ain't gonna defend the model, but I never had any doubt that Fire Emblem Heroes would go the F2P route. SRPGs have dozens and dozens of units, and Fire Emblem became insanely popular after its first 3DS installments. It's no surprise Fire Emblem Heroes went the Gachapon route.

    Anyway, given their affiliate status, I bet Nintendo will probably say "It was Intelligent Systems' idea! It's their series!" as a poor attempt to absolve themselves from going the microtransaction route.
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  • Avatar for Kat.Bailey #21 Kat.Bailey A year ago
    @Samustroid No, I don't think I will. And it's not a judgment on people who play F2P to say that the model is inherently problematic.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #22 donkeyintheforest A year ago
    @Samustroid I think you missed all the hearthstone coverage
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #23 DrCorndog A year ago
    I decided to just stop wasting my time with F2P games. They aren't worth the frustration, and the tedium.

    I'll be buying Super Mario Run as soon as it hits Android. I haven't even bothered downloading Fire Emblem Heroes.
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  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior #24 KaiserWarrior A year ago
    @Samustroid Nobody said that "if a game is on a phone, it cannot be good."

    But when I'm presented with 10,000 examples of a thing, and 9,999 of them are terrible? Yes, I develop an informed opinion that, unless I see very substantial evidence to the contrary, I am safe in assuming that any given example of that thing is going to be terrible as well.

    And I'm sorry, but gashapon cashdump mechanics are unconscionable in my book. They are knowingly, intentionally developed for the purpose of preying upon people that have problems. Gambling addiction is a real thing. These kinds of games are not built to make their money off of a ton of people going in for onesies and twosies here and there. They get the lion's share of their revenue from the handful of whales that will dump literal THOUSANDS of dollars into them. It's despicable, and I don't care who's doing it.

    Remember when I said, in that recent article about the mobile apps abusing names to try to sell more to unsuspecting dupes, that nobody involved in this process cares about making quality games -- just prying open wallets?

    Yeah. I meant nobody. Not even Nintendo.

    And I see no fundamental difference between some hack company naming their game Pokemon GO 3D Race Game to sucker people that don't know any better... and Nintendo putting in RNG cash orb mechanics to sucker people that don't know any better.

    It doesn't have to be this way. People don't have to accept that mobile games are nigh-universally soulless cash grabs just looking to claw a few cents from your pocket. Stop giving these companies your money for doing it, and support properly-designed games instead.
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  • Avatar for hiptanaka #25 hiptanaka A year ago
    @Kat.Bailey I think Nintendo has said something along the lines of that they will consider for each mobile game individually which payment model works best. Hopefully they're not abandoning the model used for Mario Run, so we'll get more "non-gacha" games in the future.
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  • Avatar for cjtaylor101 #26 cjtaylor101 A year ago
    lets play dudes
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #27 SatelliteOfLove A year ago
    They also wrote dollar figures as "$1,99"

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #28 Roto13 A year ago
    @DrCorndog It's a shame that the sheer ratio of bad f2p games to good ones is so high, because there are some legitimately fun f2p games out there that aren't predatory or a scam but people are understandably wary of anything f2p.
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #29 Kuni-Nino A year ago
    I'm kind of surprised that Kat didn't know what FE mobile was going to be. I feel like people having been saying this for about a year now. Ever since Nintendo announced their partnership with DeNA, they said that they were going to try different models. One of them was going to be a game like this. It was obvious.

    Cheer up Kat. Fire Emblem Gaiden is a few weeks away I think. That will be your FE fix for the year so you won't have to dump extra money into this thing.
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  • Avatar for thewonps #30 thewonps A year ago
    Can someone tell me if it's actually possible to determine where your character is positioned after they attack? It seemed like you couldn't control that, which is why I uninstalled the thing in like 2mins because it seemed anti-FE.
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #31 Roto13 A year ago
    @thewonps Characters will follow whatever path you draw for them. Drag them to the space you want them to attack from before dragging them over the enemy to attack.
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  • Avatar for Linked-to-the-Past #32 Linked-to-the-Past A year ago
    Deleted November 2017 by Linked-to-the-Past
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  • Avatar for Jericho-GM #33 Jericho-GM A year ago
    I agree with Nadia on this one. This game will bring a lot of good for Nintendo, including:

    -Earn some much-needed revenue.
    -Appease the investors.
    -Expose the Fire Emblem brand and characters to a whole new set of people.
    -Hype the existing fan base for the next full-blown game that's coming out soon.

    I don't think it's a disappointment at all. It's free, you can play it in short bursts, or just wait for every other traditional Fire Emblem that's coming your way later this year.
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  • Avatar for otenko #34 otenko A year ago
    @Samustroid You didn't get the point. The issue with F2P is that the mechanics are designed to hook people and try to create user retention. Besides, the random aspect makes it almost like gambling. Sure, you can use it in a healthy way, but not everybody is conscious like you and me. The few users that sustain this model spend much more money than on traditional paid games. There's the issue of the race for the bottom too. When there's a ton of F2P games people start to think why should I pay upfront from a good game when there are a lot for free.
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  • Avatar for Linked-to-the-Past #35 Linked-to-the-Past A year ago
    @otenko yeah but I really like heros! And I kind of feel like, you know, "buyer beware." But I see your pointEdited February 2017 by Linked-to-the-Past
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  • Avatar for otenko #36 otenko A year ago
    @Samustroid I am enjoying Heroes too, but at first I just get 3 star heroes. I played until chapter 4, but I was struggling. Then I spent all my 50 earned orbs and got some 4 star heroes and only one 5 star Marth. Needless to say that this Marth at level 5 was stronger than the 3 star heroes at level 10. That's why I kind of feel the game unfair. I am thinking about a reroll until I get only 5 star heroes.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #37 link6616 A year ago
    @thewonps you just need to drag from the correct side you want to attack from. So if you could attack from the east or north, you'd drag your unit above the opponent, then set them.

    It's never directly explained though.
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  • Avatar for ghostsandgoblins #38 ghostsandgoblins A year ago
    I think you've convinced me to delete it. I was a lapsed gamer for a long time until I started playing games again on my phone. Long story short, I got disgusted with myself after going over the $100 mark on Marvels Contest of Champions. It was always easy to rationalize a purchase, and I almost always had buyers remorse. Good news is it lead me to the 3DS and I'm much more satisfied with that.

    What I really want, and I would definitely pay for this, is to be able to manage inventory on games in my phone. I'd love to be able to sort Pokémon Bank, my Animal Crossing chest, Fie Emblem barracks, etc. That would make the mobile part productive, and give people more time at night to focus on the more "gamey" functionality. I don't know how reasonable a desire that is.Edited February 2017 by ghostsandgoblins
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  • Avatar for Linked-to-the-Past #39 Linked-to-the-Past A year ago
    @otenko doing rerolls is pretty typical in these kinds of games. I've never done it because I'm just not determined enough. But make sure not to connect it to your mynintendo account until you are happy with your heros. I heard stories about people rerolling a hundred times in brave exvius, so go for it!Edited February 2017 by Linked-to-the-Past
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  • Avatar for docexe #40 docexe A year ago
    Nintendo to mobile players (and their investors): “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?!?! Is this not why you're here?!”

    Frankly, while I’m also disappointed that they finally went this route, I’m not really surprised. The mobile market is a mess, but many other developers have tried to fight against the hegemony of F2P only to ultimately fail miserably.

    I have the impression they only went with the “pay upfront” model with Super Mario Run because they were cognizant the massive popularity of Mario would allow them to get away with it (and even then it accrued a massive backlash).
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  • Avatar for mathieust-onge17 #41 mathieust-onge17 A year ago
    @Kat.Bailey I see alot of ppl with the same opinion as you kat and i do aggree in some ways but in the end i disagree and here is why, im a hardcore player i play hours a day but i don't have alot of money, For me to pay 79.99$ on a game can happen once or twice a year and phone game for me has been one of the best thing, because even though most are terrible games you do sometime find one that tickle your fancy and whats really nice about the F2P model is that i can put money in it whenever i want or never put any money in it. So yeah to me f2p are very nice but i do see alot of problem with the model and it's not because it's free, far from it the problem is how the business is made, all the ways they find to almost force you to put money in the game like stamina cost getting higher and higher. Also i really love the gacha system and i dont see a problem with it and here is why, in a game where you can either pay and get what you want or play free and eventually get it, you will need months over months of grinding to get that thing you really want. While with the gacha system everyone has the same % chance to get everything be it F2P users or not, so i get my shot once in a while at a let's 5 star hero in FE heroes. so yea theres alot to hate about it, but theres alot to love, the real problem is the amout of money they ask for and the ways they find to make you spend it otherwise everyone with a low income can be happy to play free games and not pay 79.99$ plus the cost of the console.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #42 donkeyintheforest A year ago
    @Samustroid I never said you shouldn't say anything, I just don't think you should make blanket statements that are false. There was lots of (and continues to be) coverage of Hearthstone on this website. It's a free to play game.

    You say you spend less on free to play games than a new console release, but there are new free to play games on console (and 3DS) as well, so it's not just phones. If I could pay $60 bucks to avoid micro (and macro!) transactions in world of tanks on the ps4, I would! But I hit a point where it's gonna take a ton of money and time to get a new tank, so I just gave up without ever having putting a dime in.

    I played hearthstone a ton for a while, and enjoyed my time with it. A few months ago, one update was too big for my phone, so rather than take some of my music off, I just started to bring my 3DS to work for my lunch breaks. I am so happy I did! I've alternated beating a game and reading a book ever since and don't really have any desire to return to hearthstone.

    I'm not going to argue your taste in games, it's way too subjective, but I have a lot more fun with actual paid games than i have had with the free to play model.

    edited for typoEdited February 2017 by donkeyintheforest
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  • Avatar for nadiaoxford #43 nadiaoxford A year ago
    @docexe A bloodied Mario standing in an arena, glaring at silent investors while screaming "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" is a great mental image.
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  • Avatar for otenko #44 otenko A year ago
    @Samustroid I would tie my Nintendo account right at launch, but I didn't received the confirmation email. So, I just played without it. I will try some rerolls... but I am not very excited. Playing FE on GBA is much better.
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  • Avatar for aaronslade73 #45 aaronslade73 A year ago
    I dont understand how you are still doing this after your attempt to disenfranchise castlevania by making up nonsense.
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  • Avatar for carakabudiman #46 carakabudiman A year ago