Fire Emblem Heroes Player Spends $1000, Never Gets Hector or Leo

Fire Emblem Heroes Player Spends $1000, Never Gets Hector or Leo

With any gacha mechanic game comes those who have the cash to burn.

Fire Emblem Heroes hasn't been out a full week yet, but players are already spending a great deal of money in the game. Reddit user Kookoo22 has reportedly spent $1,000 in the game, partially on character pulls and partially on maxing out their Barracks. As proof of their spending spree, he posted his entire list of 500 characters, which is incidentally the point at which you can no longer expand your Barracks.

The list is a cavalcade of familiar Fire Emblem mainstays, but despite spending their way to the top, the gacha always wins. Kookoo22's list is full of 5-star heroes, with the exceptions of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade's Hector and Fire Emblem Fates' Leo.

Kookoo22 had a run of spending up until $1,000, first noting his spending habits two days after launch. By that point, he had spent $525. Two days ago, he spent up to $600, jumping to $900 the next day. One consistent statement from the user is he hasn't been pulling for any specific characters, he just has money to burn and this is where he wants to spend it. He also was doing so for "fun, curiosity, and data."

"I wasn't rolling for anyone in particular, just wanted to see what I get," Kookoo22 said early in the process. "I haven't done anything with the dupes yet because I'm waiting for more info on the best way to use them. It was kind of frustrating to get 6 Lyns."

He taunts us all.

That doesn't mean Kookoo22 isn't looking to complete the collection though. I'm sure when you've spent that much, you'd like to have one of everybody, instead of seven 5-star Lyns.

"I really wish this game had a 'dust' currency that you got from summoning that you could trade in to obtain a character of your choice," he stated in the thread for his $900 spend linked above. "I've played a couple other gacha games where when you buy a premium pack, you get a little bit of a different currency that you can save up and use to buy a single character or item. It's not a lot per pack but if you buy a lot of packs you can at least guarantee you will get something you want."

Kookoo22's favorite character is Hinoka and his least favorite is Arthur, if you're curious. Hinoka apparently ended a spree of pulls without a 5-star character in sight. I know that feel all too well.

"Hinoka, Azura, and Ryoma are probably my best 5-star pulls in that they ended some of my worst 5-star droughts," Kookoo22 wrote. "Hinoka probably made me the happiest because she was the first one of those that ended a streak and I haven't gotten another one of her since, so she is special."

In an Ask Me Anything about his $1,000 milestone, Kookoo22 noted that his job situation means he has a good deal of disposable cash to spend. He says he's spent a good deal of money on Guild Wars 2 and Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, so this isn't a new thing specific to Fire Emblem Heroes. He's still a big fan of the series.

"Fire Emblem is one of the series that I truly love, I've played since I was a kid and it really shaped my perspective on life in some ways," Kookoo22 said.

"I figured it might be something I would spend a lot of money on," he added. "I have spent large sums of money on other games. Gaming is really my only entertainment expense and I am pretty frugal in other areas. I didn't really have a limit. I'd say pulls started becoming less interesting around $750, filling the barracks was a good way to stop. I will probably spend more when they release new characters, but not sure how much, I guess it depends on how many new ones there are."

Godspeed, good sir.

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