Fire Emblem: Three Houses Adds a Secret Fourth House in New DLC

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Adds a Secret Fourth House in New DLC

Byleth dives deep into the Abyss for more students to teach.

The latest Fire Emblem is adding another house to the fold. Cindered Shadows is an additional side story coming as part of the expansion pass for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Feb. 12, 2020, and it adds a secret subterranean group of students to the ranks of Garreg Mach Monastery.

Featuring a new area inside the Monastery called the "Abyss," Cindered Shadows centers on the Ashen Wolves, a secret "fourth house" of students living underneath Garreg Mach. They seem like a ragtag band of wayward fighters, and it looks like it's Byleth's job to bring them together under a banner and berate them into slightly awkward teatime hangouts.

It also looks like the DLC adds some new class options for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In at least one instance, it looks like one of the characters is flying on a pegasus and using magic, which would be an excellent endgame option for magic users.

A voiceover exposition says the Abyss is "home to those who shun the light of day." Really, a bunch of underground scamps and scoundrels just sounds like a cool bunch of new students to recruit.

This announcement also times up nicely with today's news of Byleth arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this month. Though the professor will be armed with weapons from the other three houses, it looks like the Ashen Wolves aren't getting any Smash representation just yet.

You'll have the chance to add them to your house's forces on Feb. 12 when the DLC arrives as part of the expansion pass. No word yet if there is a way to purchase this content separately from the pass, though the pass has added some pretty wild features to Three Houses already, so it's still likely worth it for Three Houses fans.

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