Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hackers Find Secret Blue Lions Conversations Only Accessible Through Mods

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hackers Find Secret Blue Lions Conversations Only Accessible Through Mods

The Blue Lions route was going to be even more heartbreaking.

Though it starts off pretty carefree, the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses becomes very grim, very fast. Some hackers have discovered recorded dialogues that can't happen, yet point towards a much more depressing outcome that was seemingly considered at some point in development.

Once war has broken out between the three houses, Fire Emblem goes from school life to endless battle, with each leader trying to enact their ideals and reshape Fodlan. Of course, this means former colleagues and friends clashing steel, and it looks like some allegiances were in flux during the making of Three Houses.

Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses follow below.

In the Blue Lions route, it's impossible to not have Felix or Annette on your side, as they are already part of the Blue Lions house. Yet a few hackers have found there is dialogue that plays out if you face them on the Blue Lions route, specific to various members of the house.

Discovered by Fire Emblem hackers Sierra and TildeHat, and recorded by DeathChaos, these conversations are fully voiced and play out a theoretical clash between the Blue Lions and its former housemates.

While you can still have special dialogue between characters like Mercedes and Annette if you force them to face each other, this is Blue Lions specific; several conversations, like those with Dimitri and Gilbert, shouldn't be possible. (Also, having Gilbert kill Annette, his own daughter, seems exceedingly dark.) It seems this is only possible by using a modded save file that can force these specific encounters.

Hackers like DeathChaos had previously found playable versions of various Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters that could imply anything from cut content to future DLC, or just a simple skin-swap on a model. But finding a fully voice-acted scene between these characters makes me wonder if there were ever plans to have some students splinter off post-timeskip, siding with the Empire. What if Lorenz abandoned your house in the Golden Deer route? Or, like here, Annette switching sides?

It's good to know that for all the suffering and sadness in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there were plans at some point to make it even harsher. This is a game we truly love to let hurt us. If you've been playing through the various routes of Three Houses too, be sure to check out our Thunderdome-style ranking of the various teachers and students. #TeamClaude

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