Fire Emblem Warriors Adds New Weapons, Old Heroes

Fire Emblem Warriors Adds New Weapons, Old Heroes

Fire Emblem Warriors has new weapons on display, but the cast is a bit predictable.

Fire Emblem Warriors released a trailer today showing off new playable characters that were probably expected anyways. The roster includes fan favorites like Lissa, Frederick, Lucina, and (male) Robin.

Fire Emblem Warriors designers at Koei Tecmo and Nintendo explained previously that the playable roster won't just be sword users, promising to showcase the wide range of weapons and magic available to Fire Emblem players. The new trailer makes good on those promises by showcasing axes, lances, and magic as wielded by the new characters. The game plans on maintaining the triangle weapons system as well, which as I've said previously, makes me hopeful that cavalry and archer units will also be playable in the upcoming game.

My only hope is that the team doesn't just stick with heroes from the most recognizable games. While Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates rank among the most successful in the franchise, it will be nice to see some left-field choices as playable characters

Fire Emblem Warriors is basically revisiting the well dug by Fire Emblem Heroes in which heroes from multiple Fire Emblem worlds converge on a single battlefield to duke it out. That said, one is a full-on musou game for the Switch while the other is a stripped-down SRPG on mobile, so the two games are basically just sharing a plot device.

Fire Emblem Warriors hits Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch consoles this fall.

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