Firefall Launching Open Beta on July 9

The promising-looking massively-multiplayer shooter Firefall launches into open beta in a few days.

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Firefall, the massively-multiplayer online shooter, has been "coming soon" for quite some time now, but finally it seems the game is almost ready for general release: open beta starts on July 9, meaning that for the first time anyone will be able to download and play the game without having to jump through any hoops.

Firefall, lest you're unfamiliar, is developed by Red 5 Studios, a California-based team led by Mark Kern, former team leader on Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Red 5 has stated on numerous occasions that it doesn't want Firefall to be in any way a dumbed down experience -- in fact, writing for recently, Kern noted that he felt World of Warcraft had become too casual; that it had "killed a genre."

Kern's justification for this bold statement is that the growing casual-friendly nature of many massively-multiplayer online RPGs -- led by World of Warcraft -- means that these experiences often become a race to the level cap and endgame content rather than games in which you enjoy the journey.

Firefall's stylized visuals have a certain Borderlands-esque quality to them.

"An MMO should be savored, a lifetime of experiences contained within a single, beautifully crafted world," writes Kern. "The moment to moment gameplay should be its own reward. You should feel like you could live your whole life there, not by having infinite quests, but by having a living world that makes you feel good just for being in it and experiencing all it has to offer at your own pace. It's not about the competition to max out your character, it's about a way of life and a long-term hobby with enduring friends."

Consequently, Kern is keen to ensure that Firefall fits this mold rather than being overly casual or too rapid in its progression.

"Firefall is not a trivialized distillation of an MMO," says Kern. "We found that adding a little difficulty and depth has actually made the game more fun, not less. Maybe, just maybe, as an industry we've made things too easy, and it's time to get back to games being challenging as well as fun."

Firefall's challenge factor comes from a number of systems: dynamic events and missions that scale to players, skill-based combat, flexible player progression, and a complex crafting system. Kern is particularly proud of the latter, comparing it to the system of the original Star Wars Galaxies rather than more recent MMOs' simplified crafting mechanics.

Whether or not Kern's bold claims with regard to Firefall hold up in the long term remains to be seen, but it's clear his heart's in the right place. From July 9 you'll be able to make your own mind up and try the game for yourself if you've not already been playing the closed beta. Find out more and sign up on the official site.

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  • Avatar for a_random_hobo #1 a_random_hobo 4 years ago
    I've been in the beta of this for eons and I really WANT to like it but every time I start to play I just get kind of bored. The combat system is fun but I don't feel like I have any goals to work towards. It's a sandbox so there's no quest goals, which is fine, but it's not enough of a "virtual world" to inspire me to come up with my own goals, aside from 'get more powerful.'

    I'll try it again though...they keep adding stuff. Maybe it'll click the next time.
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #2 pjedavison 4 years ago
    @a_random_hobo Apparently the open beta is kicking off the game's ongoing story, so you might find more to like in the latest version. Give it another shot, perhaps.
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