Firewatch - How to Find a Turtle Pet

Firewatch - How to Find a Turtle Pet

Where to find a turtle in the Wyoming wilderness.

Sometimes the dry forest of Firewatch can get a bit lonely. This guide will show you where you can find a turtle in the wilderness to keep as a pet.

In Firewatch, turtles can be found in several locations throughout the wilderness. We have listed a few of these locations below if you wish to find a turtle pet of your own. However, keep in mind that a turtle will not always be present at the locations listed below. These are just some of the common locations that players have found their own turtle companions. Once you find a turtle, make sure to report it to Delilah and adopt it to bring it with you.

If you need a trail guide to help you through the forest, head over to our complete Firewatch Walkthrough and Guide for tips on how to navigate the Wyoming wilderness.

Thorofare Trail

The first location you can check for a turtle is along the Thorofare Trail. Starting at the Two Forks Lookout tower, head southeast along a trail leading away from the bottom of the tower stairs. Before the trail curves to the left, look for an opening in the fence leading to another trail heading east. Continue down this trail.

You will eventually pass by a fallen log that you can either hop over or walk around. At the end of the path, look for a turtle sitting on a rock just in front of the rockslide. Pick up the turtle, and report it to Delilah to give it a name. Make sure to press Hold to adopt the turtle as your new pet companion.

Jonesy Lake

During Day 1, you will need to travel to Jonesy Lake to inspect some suspicious behavior. Consult your map and head west toward the lake along the lake trails. When you reach the lake, walk along its shoreline to the north. Keep an eye out for yellow supply cache 305. Open the cache and copy the map information to update your map. Continue a few feet north of the supply cache and look for a flat rock beneath a tree, close to the lake. With any luck, there may be a turtle sitting atop the rock for you to befriend.

Beartooth Point

During Day 2, you must travel north toward Beartooth Point to inspect a communication line. The trails will diverge into several winding paths, as shown in the map image below. Use the nearby telephone line as your guide through the valley.

Keep to the right as you follow the trails toward Beartooth Point. Before heading up to the utility line at the top of the hill, follow the path that curves around to the right to locate a supply cache box below the utility line. You can see the yellow cache from a distance across the valley. Open the cache to update your map, then turn around. If the odds are in your favor, a turtle will be resting on a raised rock a few steps away from the cache. Pick up the little fellow and adopt him as your own.

These are just a few of the turtle locations that players have confirmed. Keep in mind that turtles are not guaranteed at these locations, and you may even find a turtle pet in a completely different location. Note that if you find a turtle and decide not to take it with you, it may not be in the same location again when you return. It’s likely that you can only have one turtle pet, so don’t miss the opportunity to befriend one of these passive companions.

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