Firewatch Walkthrough and Guide

Firewatch Walkthrough and Guide

Follow the signal with the wave receiver.

This walkthrough and guide will help players to beat Firewatch, completing objectives and directing them on where to go and what needs to be done to progress the story.

What this guide will not do is help players with conversation choices and the plot of Firewatch. Whether you choose to engage in a conversation, and what you say when you do is entirely up to you. We are only here to help you find that random piece of evidence that will push the story forward, allowing you to see what will happen with Henry and Delilah for yourself.

Before you begin, here are some tips to help you get through Firewatch with as little help as possible. The less time you spend reading a guide, the more likely you are to enjoy your time with Firewatch.

Firewatch Tips

  • Rather than guess at where you need to go, bring up your map and look. You’ll save a great deal of time if you take a few seconds to ensure you’re going the right direction.
  • Bringing up your map will also list your current objective at the top of the screen. If you aren’t sure what to do next, that’s the easiest way for Henry to figure it out and move on.
  • Although completely up to you, our suggestion is that Henry speaks to Delilah about everything he can on the radio. If you can radio in regarding an object, why not see what she says?
  • Keep an eye on the timer ticking down when responding to Delilah, if it runs out you’ll have missed your chance to engage in that particular conversation with her.
  • What you say to Delilah will have an impact on your relationship with her. You can guide this in whatever direction you desire, but know that your choices will change her tone.

Firewatch - Prologue

The first few minutes of Firewatch are all about choosing what you would do when faced with some tough relationship decisions. Henry (that’s you) must choose how he will interact with Julia. As you’re making these decisions you’ll have to get the hang of moving around. First you’ll take an elevator trip to your truck, and then you’ll have to hike to your tower. It’s pretty simple stuff that you can’t really mess up, so we’ll meet you at Day 1.

Firewatch - Day 1

After getting settled in, your first real objective will be to find the rope in Cache Box 306. Head out the door of your Two Forks Lookout and descend to the bottom of the stairs. Bring up your map and compass to see where the cache box is located, then start heading northwest along the trail. There will be a sign on the trail that lets you know you’re 0.7 miles from Jonesy Lake. That’s how you know you’re going the right way. When you reach Cache Box 306, us the code 1, 2, 3, 4 to open it. Grab the rope and copy the map information before moving on.

When you reach a slope that you can’t get down (we called it Cripple Gulch), attach a rope hook and rappel down. Continue to follow the path until you reach a campsite with a fire. We chose to pick up all the discarded beer cans, stomp out the campfire, and then continue to follow the path. This should lead you to the teens, after which you’ll want to head back to your Two Forks Lookout. There are multiple routes that you can take to get there, but going back the way you came is not one of them. The rope hook you set broke. Our suggestion is that you follow Thunder Canyon to the east, looting Cache Box 303 and passing through Cave 452. You can follow the path from here south and it will take you straight to your Two Forks Lookout.

Firewatch - Day 2

Your first objective of the day will be to survey communication lines north of Thunder Canyon. You’ll be heading back along the same path you used to get home on Day 1. Use your map and compass to ensure you’re going north, and then follow the trail until you pass through Cave 452. Continue to go north along the only trail until you spot the utility line, following it until you start to see scattered beer cans. This will lead you to your objective.

After chatting with Delilah your objective will be to find the teens. We continued going north, looping around to Cache Box 241. Along the way you should find a hanging backpack, and inside will be all the rope you’ll need to rappel for the rest of the summer. Grab it up and then continue on to Cache Box 241. Don’t forget to copy the map information.

Shortly after moving on you’ll get a new objective that requires you to find the source of the smoke. Our suggestion is that you head directly south until you reach Thunder Canyon. You can jump a gap to cross the canyon itself, and then head west to Cripple Gulch (or whatever you named it), the spot where you fell on Day 1. This will allow you place a rope hook at Cripple Gulch so that you can now pass through the area in any direction. Basically, it makes getting back to Two Forks Lookout a lot easier.

After passing by Cripple Gulch, use a rope hook to go down the slope, following the path that goes south and leads to Cache Box 309 (loot it and copy the map information). From here you just have to follow the path that leads to the source of the smoke. Once you find it, inspect everything and chat with Delilah as you see fit.

Firewatch - Day 3

To find the boards downstairs to patch the window, head to the bottom of your Two Forks Lookout and look at the base. You can walk around, and should actually find more boards than you need. Grab what you can, and then head back upstairs and board up the broken window.

Firewatch - Day 9

You really don’t need our help for Day 9, but we like to be thorough with our guides. Enjoy your chat with Delilah, responding to her in whatever way you want. This is completely up to you.

Firewatch - Day 15

Just like the previous day, you don’t need our help with this one. It’s all conversation, and you won’t get any help from us on that front. We’re just here to help you find the things and the stuff.

Firewatch - Day 33

Day 33 will get you doing some hiking. You’re going to head north to retrieve supplies. Bring up your map to get your exact location, and then move north along the path until you reach Cache Box 241. Loot that and copy the map information, then continue on until you reach the supply drop. We only grabbed the gear for Two Forks, but you are free to do whatever you’d like.

Firewatch - Day 64

Again, this day consists only of conversation with Delilah, so feel free to say whatever you’d like to her. We named the fire the Flapjack Fire, but that is also up to you. Call the fire whatever you’d like.

Firewatch - Day 76

Follow the path from Cripple Gulch (or whatever you called it) to reach Jonesy Lake. Grab the clipboard from the rock. After speaking with Delilah, turn around and follow the path a few feet. Cross over the log on the ground and look at your feet. On a flat rock (directly on the path) will be the radio giving off the strange noise that you need to locate. This took us so much longer than it should have, so hopefully we’ve helped you find this nonsense quickly. You might also want to loot Cache Box 305 while you’re here, also remembering to copy the map information when you do.

After finding the radio, head north along the lake and past Cache Box 305. Follow the path all the way up to Wapiti Meadow. When you reach the fence with the locked gate, shove it several times until you realize that you can’t get in.

Your map will be updated with a location south of Ruby River. You’ll need to look for the controlled burn south of that area. Bring up your map and plan your route. We went south until we hit Thunder Canyon, and then headed east until we could pass through Cave 452 and make our way back to the Two Forks Lookout. From here you’ll want to head south, looting Cache 307 after you cross Ruby River. You can even take a detour and check out Cache 308, although you might not be able to open it just yet. Be sure to copy the map information for both, then make your way to the Scout Camp in the far south-east corner of your map.

After exploring the Scout Camp, continue to follow the trail that passes through it as it heads north before hitting a dead end. You’ll find an axe stuck in a tree nearby. Take a look at your map and note the very thin canyon that runs north-east. Follow it to the north-east until you reach a damaged tree. Chop it down and then walk back to the other side of the small canyon. Your objective will tell you to head back to Wapiti Meadow, but all you have to do is talk to Delilah for a few minutes to end the day.

Firewatch - Day 77

Your objective on this day will be to go to Cottonwood Creek. You’ll head south from your Two Forks Lookout, crossing Ruby River and taking the path the leads to the west. If you haven’t been able to access Cache Box 308, that’s where you need to go. The access code to open it is 5, 6, 7, 8. Grab your new radio to get an updated objective.

Your next task will be to break into Wapiti Meadow. Go north from Cache Box 308, past Medicine Wheel and through Cripple Gulch (where you fell on Day 1). This will lead you to Jonesy Lake. Take the trail that leads north-east to the gate. When you arrive, open the gate with your axe and you’ll be able to continue along the path to Wapiti Station. When you locate a communications tower, grid and tent, be sure to take the time to examine everything, including the hard case that is just to the right when you enter the tent. Be sure to grab the wave receiver inside the case.

Before you can get out of the area, follow the beeping device to the back of the tent. Clear the mess away to find the black box and file on Henry and Delilah. Speak to Delilah if you wish, and then start making your way back to the Two Forks Lookout. Again, you don’t need our help for this, as a cut scene will see you end up back in your tower, although still on Day 77.

You’ll have to follow the wave receiver for a bit, which is kind of a pain. Take the path that leads from your Two Forks Lookout to Medicine Wheel, but look for a small clearing on your map right above the “E” of the word Medicine Wheel. It will lead you to the strange backpack and key for Cave 452. The only thing left to do in Day 77 is head back to your Two Forks Lookout.

Firewatch - Day 78

After speaking with Delilah, head out to explore Cave 452. It’s marked on your map, and you’ve likely passed through it several times. It should be just north of Two Forks Lookout, not far from Thunder Canyon. When you get into the cave, use the key to unlock the door. Enter the cave and move forward until you reach a drop you can’t make, turning left and locating some loose rocks. Bust through them and follow the cave until you get back outside.

Not far north from where you exit the cave will be the Kid’s Hideout that you can explore. Just note that it won’t appear on your map until you discover it. You should pick up all the items you can here, talking with Delilah as you see fit. Make sure you move the handmade sign, and then snag the pitons underneath it.

When you’re ready to move on, continue to follow the path north of the Kid’s Hideout and you’ll find a cracked rock. Drive a piton into the crack and you’ll be able to rappel down. Head west to reach the trail, and then follow it south back to Cave 452. You can again use your key to get inside, and this time you can use a piton to descend further into the cave. You can only go one way once you’re in here, and Delilah can’t radio you. Enjoy the quiet time as you explore and discover, and then make your way back outside when your objective tells you to.

Firewatch - Day 79

Chat with Delilah until your objective updates and you have to follow the wave receiver again. You are going to head all the way back to Cripple Gulch (the place where you fell one Day 1). Use a rope hook and rappel to the bottom, then follow the trail west, taking another trail north as soon as you can. If you stick to this trail as it continues north, your wave receiver will lead you to a collar, a cassette tape and an arrow pointing up that has your name on it. When ready, climb to the top and follow the path to the end to do a bit more exploring.

As you’re exploring, your objective will tell you to head north to Thorofare Lookout for evacuation. This is where Delilah has been posted throughout the summer. You can take whatever path you want, but we opted to go on to Jonesy Lake and then take Thunder Canyon east. If you put one there, you should find a rope hook near where the crossing is. Take that path (or the one near Cave 452) and head north. This will take you back toward the supply drop, although you’ll take the path that goes north-east before you reach it.

Keep moving along until you reach the cable car, taking a ride to the opposite side. You can head into Delilah’s tower, picking up the radio headset to progress the story. When you’re done, exit the tower and head toward the helicopter.

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