First Details Emerge for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening, all over a vacant land.

Praise Bildrick, we finally have some information about Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix's new (Japanese) page for the game reveals the protagonists' designs, the game's setting, and part of its story.

Gematsu translated part of the page and shared some bits of information. The protagonists of Dragon Quest Builders 2 (again, you can choose a male or a female) are the descendants of the Builder from the first game. They wash up on the Vacant Island, a sprawling landmass devoid of life. This is where they build their base of operations.

Interestingly, the Vacant Island doesn't even have much in the way of plant, monster, or animal life but killing monsters and harvesting raw materials to build cool stuff seemingly factors into Dragon Quest Builders 2 as much as it did in the first game. Moreover, Dragon Quest Builder 2's subtitle is "God of Destruction Malroth," suggesting the big bad from Dragon Quest 2 has something to do with the devastated state of the world this time around (in Dragon Quest Builders, it was the Dragonlord who did the deed).

This is the first glimpse we've had of Dragon Quest Builders 2 since Square Enix streamed a bit of footage last summer. The video, which utilizes Dragon Quest Builders' first hero as a stand-in for the new heroes, shows off additional tricks and features for the new game. Multiplayer is an option (each player, up to four, needs their own copy of the gameā€”no word yet if cross-platform play is possible), plus you can swim and glide.

Dragon Quest Builders was one of my favourite games in 2016, and its recent port to the Nintendo Switch gave it a nice shot of life. There's no word on when Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to Japan, let alone North America, but maybe its (hoped-for) English language release will tag at the heels of Dragon Quest XI this Fall.

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