Big Boy Mancubus And Four Other Nasty Demons Are Playable in Doom Eternal's New Multiplayer Battlemode

Big Boy Mancubus And Four Other Nasty Demons Are Playable in Doom Eternal's New Multiplayer Battlemode

At QuakeCon 2019, we get our first substantial details about Doom Eternal's Battlemode.

Today is the official kick off for QuakeCon—and believe us, we're surprised too. The keynote had a running tagline of the "Year of Doom," which makes sense considering Doom Eternal is right around the corner. Heading into the keynote, we anticipated some online multiplayer news, as we've only seen and heard about Doom Eternal's campaign and got a short tease for its new PVP mode back at E3 2019. And we were not disappointed.

Doom Eternal is getting an all-new multiplayer mode called Battlemode, which was initially revealed back at E3 2019. In it, one player is the Doom Slayer, while the other two players are demons. On paper, this sounds a bit unfair, but in-game, the demons are stronger than they may initially appear. They can lay traps around the map for Doom Slayer, or they can spawn other demons to distract Doom Slayer. During a video outlining the new mode, the narrator insists the two demons must work together to survive; because if Doom Slayer gets one alone, it could spell the end.

When one demon is downed, there's a 20 second respawn timer, at which point the deceased demon will spawn back in at half health. The winner of the round is determined by the demons killing the Doom Slayer, or the Doom Slayer taking down both the demons in a timely manner. Between each round, players will be able to choose miscellaneous upgrade perks, such as one seen in the trailer that makes your Flame Belch drop more armor. There will be six maps at launch for the mode.

Players will have five playable demons to choose from at launch: the Revenant (the annoying jetpack one), the Pain Elemental, the Mancubus (the nasty one), the Archvile, and the Marauder. More demons and maps will be released in the future for free as well.

One of the new maps shown in today's Battlemode reveal. | id Software/Bethesda

The opening keynote was relatively light on news, with the reveal that the first three Doom games were coming to Nintendo, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile. A new demon coming to Doom Eternal was also shown off in all its hell-raising glory: the Doom Hunter. The Doom Hunter hovers around and is pretty big. I now unofficially dub thee "Hover Demon". You'll be able to chainsaw Hover Demon and a lot of other demons in half on November 22 when Doom Eternal hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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