The First Overwatch Lego Set Spotlights Bastion

It's a Blizzard store exclusive too.

Of all the Overwatch characters coming to Lego, perhaps the most obvious was Bastion, an omnic robot with a heart of gold. So, it comes as no surprise that an Omnic Bastion, complete with an orange color scheme, is the first of an upcoming wave of Overwatch Lego sets.

Box art for the Omnic Bastion Overwatch Lego set.

The Blizzard-exclusive buildable Bastion is up for purchase on the Blizzard Gear Site, and will also be available at on-site at BlizzCon on November 2 and 3 in Anaheim, California. The Bastion Lego set stands at 4" tall "in robot mode," and can swivel around, adjust its arms, and even attach Bastion's trusty feathered friend Ganymede. The gun on Bastion's right arm even works, like a mini-Nerf gun, but for pelting a plastic bullet. The set is 182 pieces, according to its description page.

The Lego Omnic Bastion retails for $25, and won't be the end of Lego and Blizzard's Overwatch collaborations. In a recent teaser video, a little Tracer was shown; and on its website, Winston's bananas. Here's to hoping for a D.Va Lego set, with a big mech to build to go along with her little figure. If you're jazzed up about Overwatch, check out our Halloween Terror 2018 guide for all the skins and more included in the shooter's latest event.