A Fitness Belt is All That's Needed to Appreciate Lumines Remastered's Trance Vibration on Switch

A Fitness Belt is All That's Needed to Appreciate Lumines Remastered's Trance Vibration on Switch

We truly live in the future.

Lumines is coming to the Switch, putting Tetsuya Mizuguchi's colorful rhythm puzzler in front of a new generation of fan. It's also bringing with it the old Trance Vibrator, but with a new twist.

Fans may recall the infamous Trance Vibrator from Rez, which used haptic feedback to send its beats vibrating through players. The Trance Vibrator was mostly known for its... other purposes... but it was a legitimately cool way to appreciate Rez.

Lumines Remastered will also use a form of Trance Vibration, with controllers taking the place of the original accessory. The PS4 and Xbox One controllers are fine for this, but the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons are the clear winner in terms of actually building a makeshift Trance Vibrator.

As Mizuguchi demonstrated at Nintendo's indie event earlier this week, all you have to do is get a simple Fitness Belt and slide in a pair of Joy-Cons, which fit snugly into the pockets. You'll then be able to literally feel the beats as you clear blocks and bop along to the music in Lumines. And as with Rez many years ago, it's a legitimately cool way to appreciate Lumines' musical experience.

Picture this, but with Joy-Cons. And vibrating.

This only serves to widen the gap between the Switch version and the rest. Sure, Lumines Remastered will be perfectly enjoyable on the PS4; but let's be real, Lumines is a portable game. It was made to be played on an airplane. Moreover, the PS4 controller is a bit big to slide into a running belt, so the Switch is by far the better option. Besides, this is a game meant to be played with headphones

Appropriately, Lumines began life as a PSP game way back in 2005, so it has a strong portable lineage. At the time it was lauded as the platform's Tetris, mixing phenomenal music with block clearing puzzle strategy. Coming off the 16-bit GBA, it was a truly dazzling handheld experience.

The PSP is long dead, but Lumines Remastered on Switch still feels like a changing of the guard of sorts. The Switch is destined to be the dominant handheld platform going forward for core gamers, and seeing Lumines on it only cements that feeling. A new Pokemon for Switch will make it complete.

In the meantime, the Switch's Joy-Cons are by far the best way to appreciate one of Mizuguchi's trademark innovations. And enjoy it you should when Lumines Remastered launches on Switch as well as PC, PS4, and Xbox One in May.

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