Need for Speed Heat: We Recreate the Jurassic Park Jeep and Other Iconic Cars

Need for Speed Heat: We Recreate the Jurassic Park Jeep and Other Iconic Cars

We'll teach you how to bring your favorite movie cars to life.

Need for Speed Heat's extensive car customisation allows you to make your car look however you want, from the lavish to the ludicrous. But for those who want to exhibit a little star power, we've recreated five classic cars from films and television, showing you what's possible and how you can make them in your own game.

The Bluesmobile (The Blues Brothers)

"They'll never catch us. We're on a mission from God." | Joel Franey/USG, Ghost Games/EA

A 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan in the original, we found the starting Ford Mustang '65 could be used to comfortably recreate The Blues Brothers' iconic car with just a black paint job and a few well-placed white squares, before throwing on a few visual flourishes with text to make it look authentic. In the movie, Jake Blues gets out of prison and is horrified to discover his brother has sold their shared cadillac and replaced it with an old Mount Prospect police car bought at an auction. Fortunately, the new Bluesmobile proves its value ten times over as they take it through some of the longest, greatest, and most chaotic car chases ever put to film, escaping cops, nazis, country-western singers, the American military, and even Carrie Fisher.

Fun fact: the stunts in The Blues Brothers were so destructive and elaborate that the Bluesmobile had to be played by thirteen different cars. Hopefully your own Bluesmobile will fare a little better.

The Striped Tomato (Starsky and Hutch)

Seventies funk soundtrack not included. | Joel Franey/USG, Ghost Games/EA

A classic of old cop shows, this 1974 two-door Ford Gran Torino was perhaps more iconic to Starsky and Hutch than even its two main characters. Again, we found a Ford Mustang could accurately recreate that vintage muscle car look, this time with a bright red paint job and white vector stripe stretching up and over the roof made up of multiple white line decals.

Though the two cops' call sign in the show was "Zebra 3," the car got its name when Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) saw it for the first time and sarcastically mentioned to his co-star that it looked like a "striped tomato." He wasn't wrong, but the fans fell in love with the name after it was put in the show and it's stuck ever since.

Bumblebee (Transformers)

Please, please turn into a robot... | Joel Franey/USG, Ghost Games/EA

Sadly there's no Volkswagen Beetle to modify, but this version of the iconic Transformer is no less recognisable, even with some of the more recent films being… well, let's not talk about those. Still, this is one of those times where you can get a direct one-to-one translation, as Bumblebee's most modern incarnation is a Chevrolet Camaro '14, a car that can be bought fairly early on in the game. Then all you need is a splash of yellow paint and a few black stripes, and you're ready to roll out with the best of them.

The Nova (Death Proof)

We RUSTLED this one up pretty easily. Get it? RUSTLED? Because the actor's name- | Joel Franey/USG, Ghost Games/EA

Despite the car itself being put to not-very-nice use in the film, there's no denying the classic look of Kurt Russell's 1970 Chevrolet Nova. We used a Plymouth Barracuda to recreate the look, one of the earliest cars available in the game, before flattening out the hood in the garage and spraying the whole thing jet black. Two lightning bolts and a skull later, we had one of the slickest cars in cinema sitting in our garage.

The Visitor's Tour Van (Jurassic Park)

Make sure to check your blind spots for frilly-necked acid-spitting lizards before pulling out into the road. | Joel Franey/USG, Ghost Games/EA

This one took some effort. There are several bulky trucks available in the game, but we found the closest approximation to the park's cars was the Range Rover Sport SVR '15. Then we sprayed the whole thing the most nauseous shade of green we could find and went to work with decals, starting with translucent yellow at the bottom and adding a little claw mark on the side for that "just-savaged-by-velociraptors" look. The logo was the real challenge, and we had to fudge a little. We thought of it as a challenge in itself, mixing and merging shapes and symbols to get its infamous T-rex skeleton looking as close to the real vehicle as possible. And if he has a little top hat… well, these things happen.

Now that you've built yourself some famous cars, why not double down and fill your garage with Need For Speed Heat's fastest cars, which we've grouped and made a guide for here? Or you could go to these guides to see either how to make money fast, or how to go about hunting the game’s many collectibles. Alternatively, check out our review on Need for Speed Heat to see how we think the series is improving.

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