Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - How to Win Circus Baby's Cupcake Mini-Game

Here's how to win Circus Baby's cupcake mini-game in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

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How to Win Baby's Cupcake Game

-Grab the 10 pink cupcakes at the start of the stage.

-Head right. Use four pink cupcakes to feed the kids on the next screen.

-Go right again. There are five kids here: Two on platforms, and three on the ground. Give cupcakes to the kids on the platforms, but ignore the ones on the ground for now. Keep going right, but do so by making a nice big jump from the upper-right platform.

-If your jump was big enough, you should sail over the blue cupcake icon and the first pit. Jump over the second pit and keep going right.

-There are four kids here. Feed two cupcakes to the first kid, the one who's standing on the middle-left platform. That should be the end of your pink cupcakes. Ignore the other kids for now and head left.

-Jump over the two pits and retrieve the icon for the blue cupcakes. These are the spread-shot cupcakes. Go right again.

-To simultaneously feed the three kids stacked on top of each other, jump and fire your cupcakes. The spread-shot effect should feed all three at once. To position yourself properly before you fire, stand in between the first two flowers on-screen before jumping and firing. When that's done, go right.

-Jump over the green cupcake icon; you don't want these just yet. Jumping over the icon is a bit tricky. Try jumping onto the very corner of the raised ledge and leaping from there to clear the icon. Keep going right.

-There are three more kids here. Again, stand between the two flowers, jump, and fire the rest of your blue cupcakes to feed them. Then go left.

-Retrieve the green cupcakes. Piercer cupcakes!! Walk back two screens until you reach the screen with the two fed kids on top of platforms, and the three unfed kids waiting at the bottom. Fire a single green cupcake to feed the remaining kids. Then go right again.

-Keep going right until you reach a screen with two pits and two kids waiting on the ledges. Fire a cupcake to feed the kids, and keep traveling with the cupcake as it moves. Time's getting a bit short! Jump as you exit this screen, otherwise you may fall into the pit that's right at the start of the next screen.

-The next screen has two more kids stationed between pits. Feed them and travel with the cupcake to keep going right.

-If all the kids have been fed, there should be an ice-cream icon here. Grab it, and ignore the "Goal" sign. Now go left, back to the start of the stage. Keep calm, and remember time slows down once you grab the ice cream. Jump carefully over the pits.

-When you get back to the first screen – there are four flowers on the ground and two platforms in the air, in case you forgot what it looks like – use the cupcake-firing button to drop the ice cream in between the first two flowers. Walking across the screen and spamming the fire button should help you drop the ice cream in its proper place without wasting time.

That's it! Resume playing the game normally; Baby's mini-game will register as completed no matter how many times you die from that point on. Remember, this game is just one step towards getting Sister Location's secret ending, and you still need to survive the infamous Night 4 no matter what route you choose to take.

If actually playing the games is a bit too much for you, why not look at our other walkthroughs for Sister Location or read up on a bit of Five Nights at Freddy's lore?

(Special thanks to DJ Sterf)

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