For Honor - All Observables and Breakables from Chapter 1.1: Warlords and Cowards

For Honor - All Observables and Breakables from Chapter 1.1: Warlords and Cowards

In between fighting soldiers and dueling with other warriors, you can track down this game's collectibles, Observables and Breakables. Here's where to find them all in Chapter 1.1.

The main draw of For Honor is the decidedly different multiplayer combat, but the game also has a single player campaign, and like most modern games, collectibles that you can find as you play through them.

Observables are somewhat unique as far as collectibles are concerned, as they're specific points you can look at and press the shoulder button as you look at them. As you can imagine, that can make tracking them down quite the opaque task. Breakables are exactly what they sound like: Specific items that you have to break. For this guide, we'll be looking at the Observables and Breakables you can find in Chapter 1.1 of the campaign, Warlords and Cowards.

All Ten Observables in Warlords and Cowards

  • Immediately as you begin the game, look up at the top of the structure in front of you to see an Observable of a soldier pointing you towards your first objective.
  • Turn around and look down the wall at the battle below to see an Observable of a big, intimidating-looking dude glowering menacingly.
  • Just before you enter the structure that you saw the first Observable on top of, look to the right across the landscape at the castle in the distance for another Observable.
  • After going through the structure and fighting a one-on-one battle, look at the ruined staircase below you for another Observable.
  • Turn around 180 degrees from where you saw the previous Observable and look up at the tower you just came out of to find another Observable.
  • Jump to the bottom of the wrecked staircase and walk forward a bit. Look at the tower in front of you for the next Observable.
  • Continue until you climb up a ladder. Kill the enemies here and go on until you get to a punch of pots, which are a Breakable that you can smash for Steel. The painting on the wall behind them is an Observable.
  • Next to a metal gate by another Breakable is a lion statue, which is another Observable.
  • Continue up the curved staircase and turn right to see a statue of a knight above the last Breakable, which is an Observable.
  • Exit the building and look at the first door on the right to find the last Observable in the level.

All Four Breakables in Warlords and Cowards

  • After you climb the ladder and continue to find the Observable that's a painting on the wall, destroy the set of pots in front of it to collect Steel from the first Breakable.
  • Directly across from the first Breakable is a smaller grouping of pots that make up another Breakable.
  • Descend the stairs in front of the last Breakable and climb the ones directly across to find another group of Pots that's a Breakable.
  • Climb the curved staircase and turn right to see the statue that doubles as an Observable. There's a set of pots below it that form the last Breakable.

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